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See The Life Of The Battery
Posted On 24/03/2022 07:49:12 by Changshuwanlong1

  Lead-acid batteries produced by storage Battery manufacturers go through three life stages: format, peak, and dip. During the formatting phase, the plates are in a spongy state surrounded by a liquid electrolyte. Exercise boards absorb electrolytes like a hardened sponge that squeezes and releases. The capacity gradually increases with the activation of the electrode. Formatting is most important for deep cycle batteries. They require 20-50 full cycle... Read More

What is The Sealed Gel Battery Like?
Posted On 10/02/2022 03:20:08 by Changshuwanlong1

  When it comes to batteries, which one comes to your mind? Sealed deep cycle batteries? Sealed solar battery or lead-acid batteries? Sealed gel batteries are also a type of deep cycle battery.

  Gel batteries have many advantages and disadvantages, but the main reason they are superior to any other Battery is the leak-free design. Unlike flooded batteries, the gel design has no liquid electrolyte. All... Read More

Attention should Be Paid to The Use and Maintenance of Solar Batteries
Posted On 13/01/2022 01:37:27 by Changshuwanlong1

 As a disposable or secondary product, batteries bring convenience to people's lives, but there are also environmental pollution problems. In order to solve the problems caused by disposable batteries and their own defects, manufacturers have also created deep cycle batteries, gel batteries, and other powerful products. Among them, solar energy as a new type of clean energy has been highly praised by environmentalists for a long time, but the environment is uncertain and changing. W... Read More

Posted On 04/01/2022 08:25:55 by Changshuwanlong1

 We are a Storage Battery Manufacturers. As we all know, all batteries lose capacity in low temperature environments, such as Battery cars or electric cars. Due to low temperature, the driving range is reduced, and the Battery life of electronic devices will also be shortened. So, why are batteries not durable in winter?

  1. In a low temperature environment, the electrolyte has poor compatibility with the anode separator, which is suitable for all batteries (l... Read More

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