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What Casting does Aluminum Die Casting use?
Posted On 11/01/2022 01:25:28 by weilong

Aluminum Die Castings play a very important role in the current industry. They have a very wide range of uses in many industries. The society is constantly developing, and people‚Äôs living needs are getting higher and higher. The demand is also constantly increasing.

The mechanical properties and tensile strength of aluminum die-castings are large w... Read More

The Development Status Of China Die Casting Factory
Posted On 21/12/2021 02:04:29 by weilong

Although China's die Casting industry started relatively late, it is undeniable that China's die Casting industry has made rapid progress, which is inseparable from the efforts of China die Casting factory and the people in the industry.

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's automotive and electronics markets, the mold market has al... Read More

Introduction of Aluminum Die Casting
Posted On 13/10/2021 03:36:22 by weilong

Aluminum alloy die-casting is a kind of die-casting. It uses a die-casting die-casting machine to inject heated liquid aluminum or aluminum into the entrance of the die-casting machine. The parts are usually called aluminum alloy die castings.

Aluminum die castings also have different names in different places, such as die Casting aluminum, die Casting aluminum, die Casting aluminum, aluminum die casting, aluminum die casting, aluminum die casting.

Because aluminum and alumi... Read More

How to Finish Zinc Alloy Die Casting?
Posted On 22/09/2021 03:26:30 by weilong

Surface treatment characteristics of zinc alloy die castings:

1. The surface of die Casting is a dense surface layer, about 0.05~0.1mm. Below the surface layer is a loose and porous structure. For this reason, when polishing and polishing, do not throw away all the surface layer and expose the loose bottom layer. Otherwise, electroplating is very difficult and will reduce the corrosion resistance of the product.

2. Die-casting parts change from a molten state to a solid state... Read More

Lead Die Casting Material Utilization Rate is High
Posted On 18/08/2021 09:07:31 by weilong

Characteristics of Lead Die Casting casting process

(1) The lead alloy die-casting process can produce metal parts with complex shapes, clear outlines, and thin-walled deep cavities. . The dimensional accuracy of die-casting parts is high, the surface roughness reaches Ra0.8-3.2um, and the interchangeability is good.

... Read More

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