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OSRS 2020: Infirmation About Morytania Expansion
Posted On 05/12/2020 02:49:54 by Tonyfirst

The Morytania expansion has a new quest called "Sins from the Father". The questline expands within the Myreque quest series and brings along with it a new boss called Nightmare of Ashihama and access to a whole new city.

There are requirements for "Sins from the Father", and these include the completion of the A Taste of Hope and Vampire Slayer questlines, together with some skill requirements. Completing this task can get a certain amount of Cheap RS3 Gold rewards. The skills... Read More

The Most Profitable Gold Making Methods in OSRS
Posted On 04/12/2020 02:44:09 by Tonyfirst

The economic situation in the game may change at any time, as most MMORPGs do. In this position, with the shift of focus and motivation of the player group, the game currency will be seriously affected. Still a good thing, it adds a distinct flavor to certain games that may become obsolete.

However, this may indeed mean that the most profitable solution for making in-game Cheap RS3 Gold will fluctuate after a period of time, which leads many players to wonder, what is the most p... Read More

Introducing Old School RuneScape – Now With Beginners' Tips!
Posted On 30/11/2020 02:47:18 by Tonyfirst

When playing video games, for many of us, the biggest nostalgic news is OSRS. The official name of the game is Old School RuneScape. Functionally, this is about a perfect flashback to the state of the game in 2007. Jagex, the developer of the mobile version, promises that OSRS will definitely get the same incremental improvements as the original RuneScape in more than time.

Grinding is a concern in nearly all RPGs. Old School RuneScape, having its profusion of individually-lev... Read More

Runescape – Jagex Released Desperate Measures
Posted On 24/11/2020 03:19:16 by Tonyfirst

The situation with Coronavirus has certainly been an enormous factor in grinding aspects of the gaming industry to your halt. This is something that has been the main topic discussed with all the team behind Runescape.

Whilst players have already been out earning Cheap RS3 Gold and questing when they have always designed in the past. They may are already unaware of the task that the developers happen to be going through behind the scenes. This is highlighted because of the recen... Read More

OSRS – Looting From Runite Golems
Posted On 19/11/2020 02:58:27 by Tonyfirst

The Runite Golems are probably the rarer creatures in OSRS in terms of looting. These monsters happen to be a part of the game for quite a while now. However, the area they inhabit is reasonably hard to reach. However, reaching it will help you pick up some rather unique. Let's check out what loot you have access to your hands-on from Runite Golems.

The Runite Golems can be obtained over inside the Resource Area, which you might find past the Deserted Keep. By killing a Golem, yo... Read More

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