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China Lead Die Casting Laws And Regulations On Occupational Lead Poisoning
Posted On 20/01/2021 06:53:45 by weilong

With the continuous development of China lead die casting , the phenomenon of lead poisoning has gradually been paid attention to, and the law has also stipulated.

Everyone should know that occupational lead poisoning is mostly chronic poisoning, and clinically there are syndromes of nervous, digestive, and blood systems. The main exposure opportunities include lead mining and smelting, lead melting operations, and the application of lead compounds. During the p... Read More

Are the die-casting molds of China die casting factory expensive?
Posted On 16/12/2020 03:43:01 by weilong

Many people want to go to a die-casting factory to make aluminum die casting or other die-casting parts, but they rejected the idea after seeing the price. However, some people like to make die-casting molds because they are particularly rich? Actually not, just because they are more expensive than die casting molds. So, what is the price of die casting molds? Why are some manufacturers cheaper and some manufacturers cheaper?

In fact, the first thing a die-casti... Read More

Features Of Aluminum Die Casting
Posted On 09/12/2020 03:25:45 by weilong

Aluminum die casting is a type of die casting. It uses a die-casting mechanical die-casting machine equipped with a casting mold to pour liquid aluminum or aluminum alloy into the entrance of the die-casting machine, and then die-cast the die-casting machine into the mold. The shape and size of aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts are restricted. Such parts are usually called aluminum die casting s. Aluminum die castings have different names in different places, such as alumi... Read More

New Dyeing Technology And Equipment For China Aluminum Die Casting Products
Posted On 19/11/2020 06:35:43 by weilong

Judging from the current situation, my country's aluminum processing industry is being strongly impacted by various alternatives such as Shuogang. At its root, in addition to the poor thermal insulation of aluminum, the monotonous color of Aluminum Die Casting is also one of the main reasons.

Although spraying technology can solve the problem of monotonous color, covering spraying will cause aluminum products to lose the metallic luster of the surface, causing t... Read More

China is open to taking on more debt if that’s what it takes to...
Posted On 17/10/2020 09:00:25 by flystly

As China recovers from the coronavirus pandemic, the country’s central bank is more open to increasing loans to an already debt-heavy system than it is to cutting back.To get more China latest news, you can visit shine news official website.

The People’s Bank of China on Wednesday disclosed data for the first three quarters of the year that showed steady loan growth.

Total social financing, a broad measure of credit and liquidity in the economy, rose by nearly 3.5 tri... Read More

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