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Classic is a great choice but there only two servers
Posted On 31/08/2021 04:18:00 by Weiweismart

Another example of how TLEs can affect the game's player base aion Classic kinah is Archage's attempts to do that. Aion, however, is trying to bring players back to enjoy the original basic version of the game.

It will be fascinating to find out the way Classic differs from the TLEs of Everquest or the new releases of Archage, Aion. However there is a history of TLEs from EQ2 tend to die out quickly and there's less enthusiasm for expansions. This is why Classic is not the best... Read More

How To Make Gold in WoW Classic with Alchemy
Posted On 28/08/2021 09:12:38 by morinaking

There are a lot of players out there who are preparing themselves for what The Burning Crusade has to offer in WoW Classic. Whilst a lot of this entails understanding what attunement methods are needed and farming as much WoW TBC gold as possible, there are... Read More

Top 4 Tips to Play Well with Aion Classic
Posted On 28/08/2021 09:11:47 by morinaking

Aion Classic has been launched in the Americas on June 23rd, which keeps the same game contents, BM items and service format being provided in Korea as closely as possible. One of the ways Aion Online has tried to combat in-game inflation is by putting a hard cap on t... Read More

This is what I was looking for from every MMO
Posted On 13/08/2021 04:42:45 by Weiweismart

Giving bards the ability to perform is one of WOW TBC Gold my favorites additions to the game. One of my most memorable moments in this game was it was when I woke up on a Saturday morning, and decided to play some FXIV. I also cooked some food, and yes, had an enjoyable time eating my breakfast while my character sat on a bench in Limsa listening to nice music while other people were talking about things.

Take some time to explore the city. I met my wife by going around limsa. Tod... Read More

EDIT: This post was taken from Blizz.
Posted On 28/07/2021 02:02:56 by Weiweismart

It's probably a lot better now with TBC and more zones however during classic, leveling and open-world PvP was a complete nightmare for Alliance on servers for WOW TBC Gold PVP. There's no reason for meta players (majority but not all) to play Alliance in horde-vs.-horde queues.

After spending hundreds/thousands of hours playing my alliance characters on a server for pvp, this really feels like a huge disrespect of my time through the blizzard. It is well known that this will escal... Read More

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