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Can thermal cameras help spot coronavirus?
Posted On 21/11/2020 09:36:14 by flystly

Can thermal cameras help spot coronavirus?

Using infrared technology, thermal cameras detect radiating heat from a body - usually from the forehead - and then estimate core body temperature. These cameras are an extremely powerful tool, often deployed by fire fighters to track smouldering embers and police to search for out-of-sight suspects.To get more news about Face infrared thermometer, you can visit jiminate official website.
But they are not designed to be medical devices... Read More

China Reports Only One New Confirmed Coronavirus Case in 24 Hours
Posted On 17/10/2020 08:40:10 by flystly

The country's National Health Commission said Thursday that the new case was an imported case in Shanghai. Officials report no suspected cases and no deaths. Twenty-six people were released from hospitals and more than 350 people who had been in contact with an infected patient were freed from medical observation. To get more news about shanghai Coronavirus cases, you can visit shine news official website.
The commission counts "confirmed" and "asymptomatic" cases separately and reco... Read More

Coronavirus Tangles Plans At China’s Premier B-School
Posted On 10/10/2020 02:49:00 by flystly

Much has been written — and will continue to be written — about the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic on business schools in the United States. But nearly a year after the first cases were reported in China and seven months after the pandemic closed B-school campuses worldwide, the effects of Covid-19 are still being felt globally, too.To get more news about best Master in Management program in China, you can visit official website.

China Europe International Bus... Read More

Could Chloroquine Treat Coronavirus?
Posted On 15/07/2020 08:06:28 by flystly

Could Chloroquine Treat Coronavirus? The following essay is reprinted with permission from The ConversationThe Conversation, an online publication covering the latest research.To get more news about chloroquine phosphate, you can visit shine news official website.
An Arizona man died, and his wife was hospitalized, after taking a form of chloroquine, which President Trump has touted as an effective treatment for COVID-19. The couple decided to self-medicate with chloroquine phosphat... Read More

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