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Dafenqi power's first pure electric heavy locomotive DC100
Posted On 26/11/2021 05:18:52 by flystly

E-Car news on today's DaVinci Tech Open Day, Dafen riding power officially released its pure electric heavy locomotive DC100 and DC classic. DC100 manufacturer's guide price: 177700 yuan (expected to be delivered in the third quarter of 2022); DC classic manufacturer's guide price: 577700 yuan (limited to 50 units worldwide, expected to be delivered in the second quarter of 2022). Dafen riding power DC100 has both the performance experience of heavy locomotive and the ability of robot percept... Read More

Davinci DC100 Electric Roadster
Posted On 26/11/2021 03:52:22 by flystly

Although the electric vehicle market is still fairly marginal, many brands are emerging to quickly get into electric motorcycles and gain a prominent place among potential customers. In this little game, China is seeing more and more projects, often with accessible two-wheelers, but not only.To get more news about davincitech, you can visit official website.... Read More

Davinci Motor Planning to Assemble Its Cutting-Edge Two-Wheeled Robot in...
Posted On 26/11/2021 03:43:27 by flystly

Davinci Motor Planning to Assemble Its Cutting-Edge “Two-Wheeled Robot” in the U.S.

Earlier this year, the Chinese company founded by engineers from the prestigious Tsinghua University, launched its flagship product, the DC100 electric motorcycle, in Beijing. After just a few months, Davinci was invited to attend the 2021 Automotive Tech Week in the U.S., a renowned conference of automotive technology. During the virtual presentation held by the COO of Davinci Motor, Qi Wang, those... Read More

DaVinci DC100 electric motorcycle
Posted On 07/10/2021 07:46:53 by flystly

The electric vehicle market is becoming larger and larger. Of course, more car manufacturers have invested in the development of electric vehicle models. In the two wheel world, everyone is looking for better products to destroy the conflict between performance and endurance mileage. DC100 is such a product. It has the strong strength of accelerating 100 km in 3 seconds, and the endurance mileage can reach the level of 350 km, In addition, this is an intelligent elect... Read More

Davinci DC100, moto elettrica o robot a due ruote?
Posted On 07/10/2021 07:40:09 by flystly

La cinese Davinci Dynamics ha lanciato la sua Davinci DC100, una moto elettrica ad alte prestazioni con la capacità di autobilanciarsi seguendo il pilota come un robot e con un’impressionante autonomia di 357 km WLTP.To get more news about davinci, you can visit official website.
Davinci DC100 è stata presentata a Pechino con un comunicato e un video. Nulla più.
Perciò ne riportiamo le caratteristiche come semplici promesse, tutte da... Read More

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