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Del Mar designer creates ‘bold’ jewelry brand
Posted On 06/01/2022 03:22:49 by flystly

The brand NadinebyNadia launched last January and has quickly gained attention — it was featured at a New York Fashion Week runway show, for Oxford Fashion Studio, in February.To get more news about jewelry designer brands, you can visit official website.

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5 Indian jewellery brands in top 100 luxury cos' list
Posted On 06/01/2022 03:10:53 by flystly

Deloitte said that these top 100 luxury goods companies generated $252 billion in revenue globally, despite the challenges of 2020 when most firms concentrated their efforts on sustaining their businesses
New Delhi: Five Indian jewellery brands have made it to the list of top 100 luxury companies across the world, according to a new report. Tata Grou... Read More

Essential Jewelry Tips for Women
Posted On 02/11/2021 07:17:14 by flystly

Age is nothing to shy away from. Ladies of a certain age have had incredible life experiences and lived through times that younger people can’t lay claim to. But while a few gray hairs might be nothing to sneeze at, you probably wouldn’t want to look a great deal older than you truly are. If you’re like most women, you likely already have a bag of tricks you use to enhance your natural beauty. But do you know how to wear jewelry to your advantage? Consider adding the following tips to y... Read More

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