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How To Determine The Parting Surface Of Zinc Die Casting
Posted On 05/08/2020 03:54:03 by weilong

The contact surface between dynamic Die casting and setting of Zinc Die Casting is usually called parting surface, which is determined by parting line of zinc Die casting. The joint surface perpendicular to the clamping force direction on the Die is the basic parting surface. Generally, zinc Die casting has only one parting surface, and sometimes it can have more than two auxiliary parting surfaces because of complex castings.

According to the shape of parting surface, the parting... Read More

What Is The Definition Of Flow Marks In Lead Die Casting
Posted On 22/07/2020 03:45:04 by weilong

Definition of cold insulation: the surface of Lead Die Casting has obvious, irregular and sunken linear lines (penetrating and non-penetrating), with small and long shapes, some with smooth joint edges, which may develop under the action of external forces.

Causes of occurrence:

1. The two metal flows are butted with each other, but they are not completely fused and no inclusions exist between them, so the bonding force between the two metal flows is very weak.

2.... Read More

Aluminum Die Casting Are Different From Aluminum Alloy Die Castings
Posted On 15/07/2020 03:36:20 by weilong

Aluminum Die casting: The main raw material of Aluminum Die Casting is aluminum. After heating aluminum to liquid state, it is injected into the Die of Die casting machine, and then die-cast and shaped, which is the basic process of aluminum Die casting.

There are some similarities between aluminum Die casting and aluminum alloy Die castings. But they are different. Let's introduce their respective characteristics.

Aluminum Die casting: The main raw material of aluminum Die... Read More

High Production Efficiency Of China Aluminum Die Casting Products
Posted On 08/07/2020 03:29:03 by weilong

China Aluminum Die Casting Products is a kind of pressure casting part, which uses a pressure casting machine equipped with a casting die, pours the heated aluminum or aluminum alloy into the feeding port of the Die casting machine, and then dies by the Die casting machine to cast aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts with shapes and sizes limited by the die. Such parts are usually called aluminum Die casting.


(1) Metal parts with complex shape, clear outline, t... Read More

Zinc Die Casting Are Of Great Significance In Saving Energy
Posted On 01/07/2020 04:29:48 by weilong

Zinc alloy is traditionally used as die-casting alloy in casting industry. Traditional Zinc Die Casting are Zn-AI alloy with about A14%. Compared with aluminum Die castings, aluminum alloy Die castings have lower melting point, longer service life, higher dimensional accuracy, better mechanical properties and easy electroplating, and are widely used in many industrial departments such as automobiles, tractors and instruments.

Zinc Die casting is also suitable for gravity cast... Read More

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