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Surface Oxidation Of Zinc Die Casting
Posted On 30/09/2020 04:15:03 by weilong

No matter in use or in production, zinc Die casting will have the problem of surface oxidation. To solve the problem, we should start with the causes of failure, such as surface oxidation of zinc Die casting is a common problem, and many small partners may not know how to solve it. The following China Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer will take you to understand the causes and solutions of this problem.

1. Find the reason

After long-term observation, it is found that there are ma... Read More

Select The Appropriate Process Parameters Of Lead Die Casting
Posted On 24/09/2020 04:36:42 by weilong

The basic production factors of Lead Die Casting include Die casting machine, die, Die casting alloy, Die casting structure and Die casting process parameters. Every factor will influence the result of Die casting production, and at the same time, it will influence and restrict each other, so we should understand these points, and make high-quality Die castings.

In the process of Die casting production, choosing appropriate process parameters is the prerequisite for obtaining high... Read More

Pay Attention To Preserving The Environment Around Zinc Die Casting
Posted On 16/09/2020 04:37:50 by weilong

Zinc Die Casting are used in more and more places, so what should we pay attention to when producing zinc Die casting?

1. Control the composition of zinc Die casting from the beginning of purchasing alloy ingots, which are based on ultra-high purity zinc, plus ultra-high purity aluminum, magnesium and copper. The supplier has strict composition standards.

2. When remelting nozzle materials, the remelting temperature should be strictly controlled not to exceed 420℃ to avoid... Read More

Do You Know How To Choose The Thickness Of Zinc Die Casting
Posted On 09/09/2020 03:17:03 by weilong

In the design process of Zinc Die Casting, many customers are uncertain about the thick wall of zinc Die casting, and they don't know how thin the thick wall of zinc Die casting can be.

1. The commercial wall of zinc Die casting is not suitable for excessively thin walls, which are prone to defects such as under-casting and cold insulation.

2. Selection of thickness of zinc Die casting: under normal conditions, the wall thickness should not exceed 4.5mm, and the suitable wal... Read More

China Aluminum Die Casting Products Usually Have High Silicon Water Content
Posted On 02/09/2020 04:49:14 by weilong

At present, China Aluminum Die Casting Products are widely used, and people have stricter requirements on the quality and appearance of the products. The products after oxidation treatment are very beautiful in appearance, so many customers don't understand why aluminum Die casting products can't be oxidized.

To put it bluntly, the anodic treatment of aluminum is the whole process of air oxidation by electrolysis. In the whole process, the surface layers of aluminum and aluminum a... Read More

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