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Precautions for taking the elevator
Posted On 01/09/2020 04:08:21 by Webstar

1. Never take one step across the door

If you can always use the button to call the passenger elevator in a proper manner and do not pick the door under any circumstances, then your safety factor in the Elevator will be greatly increased. Because accident analysis shows that more than 70% of Elevator accidents occur on the Elevator doors, and most of them are related to the door. Why is this? Anyone who knows the structure of elevators knows that opening the ele... Read More

Installation of external shaft elevator
Posted On 25/08/2020 04:43:09 by Webstar

Observation Elevators can be installed inside or outside of new buildings, and can also be implemented as a project for renovation of existing buildings. It is worth noting that the sightseeing Elevator installed outside the building must meet special conditions to resist the adverse effects of the meteorological conditions of the installation site on the Elevator equipment.

Ice and frost pose a great threat to the operation of general-purpose load outdoor sight... Read More

How to choose a hotel elevator
Posted On 19/08/2020 07:12:30 by Webstar

Choice of hotel Elevator manufacturer configuration:

1. The first thing you should consider when choosing an Elevator is energy saving. Because the Elevator operating costs are solely borne by the hotel, the importance of energy saving may be more important than others;

2. Elevator control and communication technology of microcomputer control and serial communication should be selected. Because the functions of elevators are constantly increasing... Read More

Reasons for the phenomenon of rail biting in hydraulic elevators
Posted On 12/08/2020 03:51:34 by Webstar

The phenomenon of track biting, that is, pulley friction track, is one of the most common safety faults in the operation of hydraulic elevator, mainly due to friction between the pulley rim of the hydraulic Elevator and one side of the track.

There are many reasons for hydraulic elevators to gnaw rails. There are reasons for the track, because of the unequal equipment elevation and installation problems.

The performance of rail gnawing is also diverse... Read More

Considerations for hotel elevator design
Posted On 07/08/2020 07:17:32 by Webstar

1. The size of the hotel elevator.

The size of the hotel Elevator manufacturer should be designed according to the scale of the resort hotel. What is the maximum reception capacity of the hotel, then the Elevator space should be designed to have the maximum reception capacity. The Elevator room cannot be designed too small, which may result in too long waiting time for the elevator. In addition, the small Elevator room will make users feel depressed. And the hot... Read More

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