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When you are making your way down the route
Posted On 04/11/2019 03:55:51 by MMOexpshop

Don't worry about exploring anywhere in sight because you'll see the majority of the regions in the missions although it's tempting to jump right into the gaping maw of Appalachia as soon as you step through the door of Vault 76. However, as soon as you leave the Vault head directly (rather than left down the trail ) to receive a gun straight away with Fallout 76 Items, and if you find the Wixon Homestead - that is in your way to Flatwoods, your first principal pursuit destination - kill any... Read More

Playing with friends then the 5 percent staff XP
Posted On 26/10/2019 04:34:42 by MMOexpshop

You can't skip huge swathes of time like in previous Fallout games, but one of the Fallout 76 tips is to spend some time. You immediately regenerate HP with Fallout 76 Items (takes about 10 seconds to restore it to maximum if you're basically almost dead), and if you stay in bed for roughly 30 seconds you get the Rested perk. Being Rested gets you a beneficial status effect... but be careful: sleeping bags on the ground can take Illness, which - yup, you guessed it - will infect you.

T... Read More

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