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156cm popular blogger wearing understanding, height is not difficult
Posted On 16/09/2021 05:12:49 by griffin

Figure appearance level should not be the obstacle that female changes beautiful road, as to age, color of skin, appearance, do not need to consider too much, need to adjust state of mind only, maintain the determination that changes beautiful from beginning to end, adjust silently, ceaseless decorate, can show a better oneself finally.

Today, I want to share with you a very popular Fashion blogger from Japan -- Xing Ling Nai. She doesn't have a proud figure, but is very beautiful.... Read More

What goes under a fall coat?
Posted On 13/09/2021 12:03:49 by griffin

After entering autumn, all sorts of coat come on stage in succession, be like coat of suit, long windbreaker, bullock, also perhaps vest of suit majia, long coat, these odd taste classic and practical warm keeping warm is comfortable, but what build inside makes a lot of people headache unceasingly all the time, build thick to worry bloated and depressing inside, build flowery to worry about a guest usurp host again inside.

If you're struggling with this, take a look at... Read More

The 60-year-old Internet celebrity "tide grandma" looks cool and...
Posted On 10/09/2021 10:47:54 by griffin

Many older women do start to feel visibly middle-aged as they get older, as their faces get a little tired and their outfits don't have enough energy. But there are some grannies over 60 who are more stylish than young people when it comes to how they dress, so learn from them. Even if the face is not young, but the interpretation of fashionable clothes will not be inferior to young people.

More than 60 years old grandmother must be pay attention to the choice of the color in dres... Read More

Fashion has nothing to do with age, and this 60-year-old grandmother...
Posted On 07/09/2021 10:34:34 by griffin

Aging is irreversible, and time is bound to leave some marks on a woman's face. Even if wrinkles increase, body rounded day by day, also can't affect women's pursuit of fashion. And there is no absolute correlation between Fashion and age, young people will also have the situation of dressing rustic, and even the elderly, but also can maintain elegant and fashionable style. Like this more than 60 years old grandma's dress is very generous, simple and natural, leisurely aging appearance... Read More

62-year-old grandmother stands out for her beauty through her temperament
Posted On 02/09/2021 05:03:07 by griffin

Older people, like younger people, have the capital to be beautiful and try on various outfits, but they may be afraid to take the first step in dressing due to the constraints of their own eyes or mindset. In fact, grandmothers in their sixties can also be beautiful and outstanding by their temperament, the key is to use dressing to make their strengths present themselves. This sixty-two-year-old grandmother, Aunt May, for example, defies old age in order to remain elegant and beautifu... Read More

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