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Classification Of Faucets
Posted On 01/12/2021 03:27:45 by yuson

Faucets are the popular name for water valves, which are used to control the size of the water flow, which has the effect of saving water. The replacement of Faucets is very fast, from the old cast iron technology to the electroplating knob type, and then to the stainless steel single temperature single control faucet, the stainless steel dual temperature double control faucet, and the kitchen semi-automatic faucet. Nowadays, more and more consumers buy faucets, they will compr... Read More

The design of the pull-out faucet is humane
Posted On 13/08/2021 09:26:56 by yuson

At present, the pull-out faucet on the market is becoming more and more popular. It has two methods of column water discharge and spray water discharge. The switch can be easily realized by pressing the button on the top of the shower. The pull-out 1.5-meter-long stainless steel hose can Reach any place the user needs.

Is the pull-out faucet good? What are the advantages?

1. Convenience: We all know that the traditional faucet outlet is fixed. It is very inconvenient to use a... Read More

Sensor faucet is more hygienic
Posted On 09/07/2021 03:08:53 by yuson

Sensor Faucets are based on the principle of infrared reflection. When the hand is placed in the sensing area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe faucet, the infrared light emitted by the infrared emitting tube is reflected by the human hand to the infrared receiving tube, and the processed signal is sent to the pulse solenoid valve to control the water outlet system. When the hand leaves the sensing area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe faucet, the infrared light is not reflected, the solenoid valve is automatically closed, and... Read More

What is The Difference Between Thermostatic Faucet and Ordinary Faucet?
Posted On 18/06/2021 08:58:52 by yuson

Thermostatic Faucets can also be called thermostatic Faucets or thermostatic mixing faucets. Its function is to automatically mix cold water and hot water into warm water with a preset temperature. The thermostatic faucet can automatically balance the water pressure of cold water and hot water in a short period of time through the thermostatic adjustment valve core that comes with the faucet, so as to maintain the stability of the outlet water temperature without manual adjustment.

... Read More

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