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Know Types of PP Quick Connect Fitting
Posted On 08/09/2020 02:00:04 by plasticfitting

The pp quick connect Fitting are used in piping systems to change direction of the liquid flow, connect pipes of different sizes, change pipe diameter and branch the liquid flow from one pipe into multiple pipes.

There are many different types of pp fitting. We offer all of the most varieties, including the following:

45 Elbow
Reducing Elbow
Reducing Tee
Barred Tees
90 Elbow LR & SR
Cushion & Target
Concentric Reducer
Eccentric... Read More

Features of PP Fitting
Posted On 01/09/2020 03:20:34 by plasticfitting

The pp Fitting is composed of the pipe Fitting body, lock nut, pipe clamp and V-shaped sealing ring. When using, the nut and pipe clamp shall be put on the pipe in turn, and the pipe shall be inserted into the pipe body 4-5cm through the V-shaped sealing ring, and then the lock nut shall be tightened.

Because the PP COMPRESSION Fitting is sealed by V-ring, the roundness of the pipe is strictly required, which is suitable for the installation of straight pipe.

Product feature... Read More

Learn PP Compression Fitting
Posted On 01/09/2020 03:08:27 by plasticfitting

Generally, a pp compression Fitting consists of an inner ring and outer nut, made either of brass and copper. The inner ring is known as a ferrule. This fitted over pipes to be joined and the outer nut slipped over it. The piping is then clamped together by tightening the nut so it presses against the ring creating a tight Fitting that should be air tight and water tight seal. When larger pp compression fittings are required, there is usually a flange, rather than a single nut, with a r... Read More

Do You Know Why PP Fitting Leaks?
Posted On 25/08/2020 03:13:04 by plasticfitting

The most common reason for leaking of pp Fitting is that the tubing did not get pushed in all the way, and the O-ring is not sealing properly. One trick is to measure 3/4 an inch and draw a line on the tubing going into the fitting. That line should disappear into the fitting.

Another reason that you may be experiencing a leak is that the pp Fitting was not cut properly. If the tubing is cut in a diagonal shape rather than a square cut, the O-ring may not have been able to seal a... Read More

What Is PP Compression Fitting?
Posted On 18/08/2020 01:54:37 by plasticfitting

The pp compression Fitting is one of the most common and versatile methods of connecting metal or hard plastic tubing. Particularly useful for their extreme temperature and pressure capabilities, and their compatibility with aggressive fluids, compression fittings can be seen in systems varying from gas lines in refineries, to the plumbing under your sink.

Miniature compression fittings are found in applications ranging from chromatography and bomb detection instruments, to medica... Read More

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