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How To Deal With The Leakage Of Pp Compression Fittings?
Posted On 30/06/2020 01:48:15 by hejiapefitting

What do you do if your pp compression Fitting is leaking?
If a compression Fitting is leaking, you should determine where the leak is coming from. Usually, if you have a sound connection, you've put the Fitting together properly, and you've wrenched down to where it's good and tight, the Fitting is not likely to leak. Unless a piece of tubing is moved and puts some strain or torque on the Fitting itself, the seal should be tight and complete.

Plastic fittings might be more pro... Read More

Have You Ever Known Definition and Classification Of Pe Fitting?
Posted On 09/06/2020 04:04:42 by plasticfitting

1. Definition
The quick Fitting is a general term for components in the piping system, function as connection, control, direction change, split, seal, and support.

Pipe Fittings - brass fittings, steel fittings, stainless fittings

2. Common Classification

There are many types of pipe fittings, which are classified according to the use, connection, materials, and processing methods.

By purpose
1. Pipe fittings for connecting pipes: flange, joint, pi... Read More

It Is Important To Know How To Verify the Origin of Pe Fitting
Posted On 02/06/2020 04:12:06 by plasticfitting

National and International standards require that the quick Fitting are clearly marked on the outer surface with the manufacturing details including: manufacturer's name or trade mark; code for the compound used; diameter and pressure rating; and date, or a code, of manufacture. This information allows traceability through the manufacturer's Quality Assurance system to determine further details as necessary, e.g. grade of the raw material used, batch test results, process conditions, et... Read More

Joining methods Of Quick Fitting
Posted On 26/05/2020 03:44:58 by plasticfitting

Welding is an old and reliable technology. It basically involves melting the quick Fitting together. Steel and polypropylene employ this method. Welding can be used for galvanized steel, but it is virtually impossible to repair the zinc coating on the interior of the pipes, so mechanical coupling is preferred.

Threading involves screwing the pipes together, usually with a female nipple between two male-threaded sections of pipe. Threading is common for steel and galvanized steel... Read More

5 Ways to Identify a Quick Fitting Thread
Posted On 19/05/2020 03:29:21 by plasticfitting

Keeping up with all of the different types of hydraulic systems, quick fitting, adapters, and sealing methods is no easy feat. Throw thread forms into the mix, and you can find yourself in several situations where it would be easy to make a mistake. And we all know what can happen if you make a mistake and select the wrong part – safety hazards, lost time, and lost money among other things.

fitting threadThere are six types of threads that are commonly found on hydraulic tube f... Read More

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