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Top Open Door Freezer Are Sold In An Open Style
Posted On 02/07/2020 04:33:51 by bailing

To introduce the features of the Top Open Door Freezer:

1. The open sales mode is fashionable, convenient and has good display effect, and is especially suitable for on-site processing, fresh keeping and sales of fresh meat food.

2. Imported compressor is selected, with microporous air outlet, air conditioning is evenly distributed, temperature in standard air-cooled fresh meat cabinet is stable, and food is not air-dried. Standard air-cooled fresh meat cabinet is made of st... Read More

Refrigeration Compressor Of Mini Car Freezer Is Very Important
Posted On 18/06/2020 04:21:30 by bailing

The refrigeration compressor of the Mini Car Freezer is the center of its refrigeration system, so the quality of the refrigeration compressor in the Freezer determines the function of its entire refrigeration system. All the refrigeration compressors or refrigeration compressor units used in the mini car Freezer are brand-name and totally enclosed refrigeration compressors or refrigeration compressor units. Refrigeration compressor plays a very important role in freezer, so when we use... Read More

The Balance At The Bottom Of The Solar DC Freezer Is Very Important
Posted On 11/06/2020 04:53:47 by bailing

We brought home the carefully selected Solar DC Freezer, bringing us convenience in life, but taking away our peace. The noise of the solar DC Freezer gives us a headache, because it is around us, but it seriously affects the normal life all the time. Everyone is worried about how to eliminate the noise of the solar DC freezer.

First of all, the balance at the bottom of the solar DC Freezer is very important. Generally, it should be placed on a flat and firm ground. Generally, hou... Read More

The 12V DC Freezer Can Be Converted Into A Household Refrigerator
Posted On 04/06/2020 07:17:45 by bailing

With the continuous use of the earth's resources, energy conservation is increasingly advocated. Although 12V DC Freezer and refrigerators can be refrigerated, they are very different. 12V DC freezers are more energy-saving than refrigerators. Can 12V DC freezers be used as refrigerators?

When converting the 12V DC Freezer into a refrigerator, first find the appropriate 12V DC Freezer and find the minimum capacity to meet your needs. In general, the smaller the 12V DC freezer, the... Read More

The Chest Freezer Factory Will Teach You How To Adjust The Temperature
Posted On 28/05/2020 03:36:15 by bailing

Many people are asking how to adjust the temperature of the freezer. The following Chest Freezer Factory will teach you

1. When using the freezer, change the temperature adjustment gear to the low gear, and the more suitable gear is 1-3 gear;

2. Freezer must be placed as far as possible without a heat source, suitable in a well-ventilated place, and need sufficient fan space;

3. We must try our best to reduce the times of opening and closing the Freezer door, reduce th... Read More

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