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What is a Digital Heat Transfer Label?
Posted On 07/09/2020 06:51:14 by gaobao

The Heat transfer label uses the power of thermal energy to apply labels in a way that makes them stand up to all types of conditions better than traditional label application. They use the most modern digital technology and combine those benefits with those of label-bonding agents developed to be applied in a dry state and settle immediately in order to preserve the integrity of the label from the end of the packaging process to the end of the user’s need for the object in question... Read More

Do You Know Advantages and Uses of Heat Transfer Label?
Posted On 31/08/2020 04:49:30 by gaobao

When you choose Heat transfer label, you have the option of applying them to whatever product or packaging that fits your needs. But what makes Heat transfer labels more effective than traditional product labels? Well, that is exactly what we are going to find out!

The Advantages of Using Heat Transfer Labels
Durability and Reliability
Whether you are using them on a hard, plastic material or a soft cotton shirt, Heat transfer labels have a secure hold that allows the label... Read More

Know How To Print Heat Transfer Label
Posted On 24/08/2020 07:35:54 by gaobao

There are some circumstances in which fabric garment labels are simply not practical. Swimwear is an example of where an external label would be irritating and inappropriate. A lot of other sportswear falls into the same category. These garments are often tight fitting and come into direct contact with the skin. When combined with sweat and friction through use, Heat transfer label can feel uncomfortable and cause irritation to the skin. Heat transfer label printing offers an alternat... Read More

Choose Heat Transfer Machine In Correct Way
Posted On 17/08/2020 07:30:37 by gaobao

This particular machine features a hinge between its top and bottom plate. The Heat transfer machine opens like a clamshell and the top plate can swing to the side. The clamshell Heat press is available in both manual and automatic versions. This type of Heat press is ideal for beginners, as it is incredibly easy to place the garment onto the machine for transferring. If you have a manual clamshell Heat press, then you might need to open and close the top at the star... Read More

You Need To Know How To Load The Materials On The Heat Press Machine
Posted On 10/08/2020 08:07:56 by gaobao

Make sure that your garment is straightened when loading it onto the Heat transfer machine. If you carelessly load a wrinkled fabric onto the Heat press machine, you will surely get a crooked design as your output.

So unless you want to chase your clients away, take proper care when loading your garments. You may ask, how can I achieve that?

i. First of all, properly align the tag of your garment to the back of your Heat press machine.

ii. Go to the section that will di... Read More

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