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China Lead Die Casting Laws And Regulations On Occupational Lead Poisoning
Posted On 20/01/2021 06:53:45 by weilong

With the continuous development of China Lead die casting , the phenomenon of Lead poisoning has gradually been paid attention to, and the law has also stipulated.

Everyone should know that occupational Lead poisoning is mostly chronic poisoning, and clinically there are syndromes of nervous, digestive, and blood systems. The main exposure opportunities include Lead mining and smelting, Lead melting operations, and the application of Lead compounds. During the p... Read More

Prevention Of Lead Poisoning Diet For Lead Die Casting Workers
Posted On 06/01/2021 07:56:23 by weilong

Working in Lead die casting factories and other places, occupational poisoning was a relatively common disease in the past, but as preventive measures become more and more perfect, few people will be occupationally poisoned again. So for these, we should pay attention to diet How to prevent it?

In order to enhance the body's resistance and protect the target tissues and organs affected by occupational hazards, some special nutrients should be appropriately suppl... Read More

Select The Appropriate Process Parameters Of Lead Die Casting
Posted On 24/09/2020 04:36:42 by weilong

The basic production factors of Lead Die Casting include die casting machine, die, die casting alloy, die casting structure and die casting process parameters. Every factor will influence the result of die casting production, and at the same time, it will influence and restrict each other, so we should understand these points, and make high-quality die castings.

In the process of die casting production, choosing appropriate process parameters is the prerequisite for obtaining high... Read More

What Is The Definition Of Flow Marks In Lead Die Casting
Posted On 22/07/2020 03:45:04 by weilong

Definition of cold insulation: the surface of Lead Die Casting has obvious, irregular and sunken linear lines (penetrating and non-penetrating), with small and long shapes, some with smooth joint edges, which may develop under the action of external forces.

Causes of occurrence:

1. The two metal flows are butted with each other, but they are not completely fused and no inclusions exist between them, so the bonding force between the two metal flows is very weak.

2.... Read More

Which altercate the basics of Trapezoidal Lead Screw
Posted On 03/02/2017 03:48:36 by DanaeSmith

I still accept some issues (probably because I bankrupt a lot of things aggravating to fix this). My Z isn’t perfect. My next accomplish are to adjustment lengths of Din 975 threaded rod from McMaster because their rods accept a altruism on the thread and will hopefully be straighter. I aswell wish to alter the stainless animate nut with a acceptance one for a bigger fit.

I bankrupt it with my attention accoutrement adjuster, which gave it abounding force to get over the c... Read More

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