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Factors That May Affect Solar Led Street Light(һ)
Posted On 29/01/2019 03:09:02 by xiuxiu

There are many different factors to consider when installing a Solar Led street light(Classic). Not many people know all the considerations needed, but here are some of the lesser-known factors that can ease the pressure on the specification process. With this information, you can not only create better specifications but also ensure that solar energy is right for your application.

Traffic time

What is the main traffic time on the street? Has the traffic become small afte... Read More

Solar Led Street Light Are Better Than The Traditional Street Light
Posted On 28/01/2019 02:36:28 by xiuxiu

There are some benefits of Solar Led street light(Classic) compared to a traditional street light that uses main power:

Minimal wiring: Traditional street lighting connections require a lot of wiring, which makes them more susceptible to maintenance issues. Damage to only one wire can cause public lighting throughout the community to fail. Solar Led street lights do not require additional wiring, making them self-sufficient and less susceptible to the entire street. If a light fa... Read More

7 Tips for LED Public Lighting Renovation
Posted On 26/01/2019 01:34:14 by xiuxiu

Lighting is one of the most important factors in any commercial or residential project. No one wants to spend extra time and money to constantly maintain and replace lights or light bulbs that cannot control the line. Led Public lighting(Classic) provides a stopover for this and introduces a more efficient and cost-effective way to transform your current lighting solution. If Led public lighting sounds like a better choice, then these 7 tips can help you make the most of your transformation:... Read More

LED Street Lights Manufacturers Take Into Account Visual Changes
Posted On 25/01/2019 01:51:02 by xiuxiu

Led street lights Manufacturers(Classic) have considered that Led street lights illuminate streets more efficiently than sodium because they have higher lumens per watt, but because of their high directionality, this means that they primarily focus light in one direction. The sodium lamp is an aerated light bulb that fires in all directions. More than half of the light must be redirected downward through the reflector or lens, reducing the illumination efficiency of the lamp.

A... Read More

Potential Impact of LED Public Lighting on Human Health And The Environment
Posted On 24/01/2019 01:07:52 by xiuxiu

The American Medical Association (AMA) recently adopted community guidance for Led Public lighting(Classic) to add another influential voice to the issues that have been discussed in the lighting industry for a while, about nighttime light, its potential impact on human health and the environment, and how It is best to minimize these effects. While AMA's guidance is aimed at reducing the harmful effects of general public lighting on people and the environment, it pays special attention to LED... Read More

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