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led Floodlight Factory Needs In Different Industries Of Factory Lighting
Posted On 03/07/2020 02:44:13 by xiangruiledlight

In the aspect of factory lighting, Led Street Light Factory not only needs to meet the lighting needs of different industries, but also can guarantee the long life and durability of the lamps, and at the same time can save energy. The most important thing is to ensure the efficiency of employees. Appropriate lighting effects not only help motivate employees, but also prevent employee fatigue, maintain employee health, and prevent work-related accidents. It is necessary to comprehensivel... Read More

Which Aspects Need To Be Inspected By Solar Wall Light Manufacturers
Posted On 22/06/2020 04:40:17 by Jialongye

The installation, construction, engineering management and quality control of solar wall Light manufacturers are also very important in the later maintenance. The solar wall Light is installed outdoors, and all connecting parts of the solar wall Light are wind resistant. Anti-bird of solar panel, anti-theft of solar panel, rain protection of street Light inlet and outlet line and control room, insulation of storage battery in winter and cooling in summer, ventilation of storage battery... Read More

Solar Lights Manufacturer Pay Attention To Firmness And Quality
Posted On 08/06/2020 04:42:29 by Jialongye

If you want to say which one is better, you must first judge it according to the customer's preferences and feelings. If the customer likes European style, you should choose cast aluminum and cast iron. If the customer pays attention to firmness and quality, you should choose solar lights made of steel material. The reason is yes, and the reason is also yes. The solar lights manufacturer mainly analyze the firmness, price and workmanship of solar lights.

1. Firmness. Aluminum has a... Read More

Solar Lights Manufacturer Become First Choice For Road Construction
Posted On 01/06/2020 07:04:21 by Jialongye

Today, solar lights manufacturer become the first choice for road construction. Let's not talk about how much solar lights cost. Let's talk about why we choose solar lights first. Usually there are two types of lights, solar lights and ordinary LED lights.

Ordinary LED lights need to pay an electricity fee every year, while solar lights use solar Light to save electricity during the day and release electricity at night to power street lights without paying any electricity fee, whi... Read More

Overall Price Trend Of Solar Path Light Manufacturer
Posted On 18/05/2020 04:25:47 by Jialongye

The price of the solar path Light is everyone's concern, so what does the price of the solar path Light manufacturer depend on? In fact, it is obvious that the price composition of solar path lights depends on the configuration, and the higher the configuration, the more expensive the price. Then how to choose this configuration is based on the requirements. If it is a municipal engineering bidding project, there will be detailed product configuration requirements.

The price of... Read More

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