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Solar Lights Manufacturer Become First Choice For Road Construction
Posted On 01/06/2020 07:04:21 by Jialongye

Today, solar Lights manufacturer become the first choice for road construction. Let's not talk about how much solar Lights cost. Let's talk about why we choose solar Lights first. Usually there are two types of lights, solar Lights and ordinary LED lights.

Ordinary LED Lights need to pay an electricity fee every year, while solar Lights use solar light to save electricity during the day and release electricity at night to power street Lights without paying any electricity fee, whi... Read More

LED Street Lights Manufacturers Take Into Account Visual Changes
Posted On 25/01/2019 01:51:02 by xiuxiu

Led street Lights Manufacturers(Classic) have considered that LED street Lights illuminate streets more efficiently than sodium because they have higher lumens per watt, but because of their high directionality, this means that they primarily focus light in one direction. The sodium lamp is an aerated light bulb that fires in all directions. More than half of the light must be redirected downward through the reflector or lens, reducing the illumination efficiency of the lamp.

A... Read More

Huge LED Street Lights Manufacturer Business Opportunities
Posted On 23/01/2019 01:14:20 by xiuxiu

The business opportunities of Led street Lights Manufacturers(Classic) are huge. According to incomplete statistics, of the 140 million street lamps installed worldwide last year, there were only 19 million LEDs. It is estimated that by 2020, LEDs will account for 100 million of the installed base of 155 million street lights. During the same period, annual sales of LED street Lights will jump from $4.3 billion to $10.2 billion. Major changes are taking place in Boston, Seattle, and New... Read More

LED Street Lights Manufacturers Take Into Account Every Detail
Posted On 22/01/2019 01:12:51 by xiuxiu

Led street Lights Manufacturers(Classic) have considered that on the busiest urban roads, highways and highway beams tend to be the narrowest horizontal beams, requiring shorter pole distances. One reason is that they are usually installed higher to illuminate more lanes and keep the lighting very uniform and more efficient. When the poles are close to each other, it is easier and more efficient to ensure uniform light control. However, for practical reasons, the pole pitch may be very long u... Read More

How Long Does It Take for The Led Street Lights Manufacturers to Retrofit?
Posted On 21/01/2019 01:57:38 by xiuxiu

It takes about 30 minutes for Led street Lights Manufacturers(Classic) to upgrade streetlights from traditional to LED. Remove the lamp head, replace it with a new one, and repeat. Sounds simple?

Switching the entire city's streetlight system to LEDs is a high-volume project involving hundreds of thousands of sites. Even if a single installation takes only about 30 minutes, installing the entire network is much more complicated. In San Francisco, installing 18,500 LED street light... Read More

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