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Decorative and useful custom metal sheets
Posted On 28/11/2020 09:56:21 by flystly

Decorative and useful custom Metal sheets

We all are trying to find beauty in our own ways. For a person working in constructions, Metal sheets with perforations are the best and most beautiful that you can get their hands on. With the flexibility and durability of these Metal sheets make them the ideal material to work with.To get more news about external decoration, you can visit official website.

The Metal sheets can be made from a wide variety of ma... Read More

Perforated and Expanded Metal Updates
Posted On 28/11/2020 09:42:40 by flystly

Perforated and Expanded Metal Updates

Even though perforated and expanded metals have been used in construction for over 100 years, architects, designers and builders continue to find new applications for them and their usage is growing. Here are nine things you should know about these two building components.To get more news about expanded mesh, you can visit official website.

Recently, there has been increased demand in both arc... Read More

Is the Metal Curtain Wall Mesh the Same as the Metal Woven Mesh?
Posted On 21/11/2020 06:48:41 by flystly

Is the Metal Curtain Wall Mesh the Same as the Metal Woven Mesh?

As a Decorative Perforated Sheet Supplier, share with you. Many customers are inquiring about the difference between Metal curtain wall mesh and Metal woven mesh. In fact, the functions of the two are basically the same. They are generally used for wall decoration and partition decoration. The two styles are similar, and the decorative effect is basically the same, so many customers are confused. However, if you look... Read More

Advantages Of Metal Stamping Processing
Posted On 25/03/2020 01:09:02 by Xeniaxinghui

Metal stamping parts are formed by Metal stamping process and die stamping process, stamping equipment and stamping materials. The advantages of Metal stamping are high productivity, low mold cost, no need for sheet Metal cutting, and progressive die savings of 30%. The cost is high, but its application is limited by the drawing depth, the direction of the transport strip and the surface hardening, and it is mainly used for simple par... Read More

How To Save The Cost Of Metal Stamping Project?
Posted On 11/03/2020 00:54:08 by Xeniaxinghui

There are three main factors that can optimize the cost of your Metal Stamping Parts project.
Material / production volume / secondary processing

Material selection is usually the first and most effective step to reduce costs. Maybe you can consider choosing an alternative Metal with similar properties for your application, for example, copper with diff... Read More

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