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Classification Of Oem Aluminum Enclosure
Posted On 23/12/2020 03:47:00 by weilong

You may not know the terminology of Oem aluminum enclosure , but you may know some terms, such as charger housing and adapter housing. Today, I will tell you some classifications and introductions of Oem aluminum chassis.

Charger aluminum shell This is the charger shell of the wall socket. The interface is a line card type and is welded with large screws. The pin material can be copper or iron. It can have or without light holes, making preparations very conveni... Read More

Problems In Oem Aluminum Die Castings
Posted On 26/11/2020 02:36:56 by weilong

Delivery, packaging, transportation and storage of Oem aluminum die castings

(1) When there is a requirement in the contract or agreement, the supplier shall provide the purchaser with an inspection certificate to show that the sampling, testing and inspection of each batch of die-castings meet the requirements of this standard.

(2) When the qualified die castings are delivered, the inspection certificate must be attached. The certificate of conformit... Read More

OEM Aluminum Die Castings Production Knowledge
Posted On 12/11/2020 03:37:28 by weilong

With our country's cars and motorcycles. With the rapid development of home appliances and other industries, the shapes of industrial products are becoming more and more diverse and more complex while meeting performance requirements. However, manufacturers of such products are inseparable from molds, which requires the mold manufacturing industry. To produce molds at the fastest speed, lowest cost, and highest quality. In order to meet these requirements, mold companies can only us... Read More

How To Distinguish Between OEM And ODM
Posted On 29/10/2020 06:08:39 by weilong

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) such as: OEM Aluminum Die Castings

OEM production, also known as fixed-point production, commonly known as OEM (production), basically means that brand producers do not directly produce products, but instead use their key core technologies to design and develop new products, c... Read More

OEM Aluminum Enclosure Combined with Dissimilar Materials
Posted On 29/07/2020 03:39:06 by weilong

The die casting industry is changing with each passing day, and the technological innovation has never stopped. In the field of Oem Aluminum Enclosure, there is such a technology that Oem aluminum enclosure is combined with dissimilar materials. Have you heard of it?

The connection technology of dissimilar materials has no glue in Oem aluminum enclosure and does not need to be installed in the connection technology of dissimilar materials which are strongly combined together. Its... Read More

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