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Label printer and sticky labels for iOS
Posted On 25/04/2022 04:56:30 by flystly

Label printer and sticky labels for iOS

Square sellers can now process individual orders more efficiently by printing sticky labels directly through the Square Point of Sale iOS app with the Star Micronics TSP654SK Linerless printer. Get more news about Sticky Label,you can vist our website!

Many Square sellers need label printers in their day-to-day operations to fulfill their customers’ individual orders. Particularly, businesses like coffee shops and quick service restaurants... Read More

Stickers vs. Labels – What is the Difference?
Posted On 28/03/2022 03:03:50 by flystly

Stickers vs. Labels – What is the Difference?

Most people think labels and stickers are the same and use these words interchangeably like comparing a movie to a film or a car to an automobile.Get more news about Sticky Label,you can vist our website!

Well surprise, surprise. There are two meaningful differences between labels and stickers. How they are made and how they are used in real-life applicat... Read More

Do You Know Types Of Heat Trabsfer Paper?
Posted On 03/08/2020 07:13:42 by gaobao

There are specific types of heat transfer Paper depending on what printer you have. There is specific transfer Paper for laser printers, and also certain transfer Paper for inkjet printers. Additionally, there are specific Transfer Papers meant for light garments, and specific Transfer Papers meant for dark garments.

At Heat Transfer Warehouse, we offer 4 different kinds! We break down how to use them below:

For Inkjet Printers
1) Neenah Inkjet Light Jet-Pro SoftStretc... Read More

Do You Know Heat Transfer Process Using Heat Transfer Paper?
Posted On 20/07/2020 07:44:32 by gaobao

Heat Transfer using heat transfer Paper is a simple process. First, an image needs to be chosen. Say you want a photo of a lion skateboarding over a pile of burning monster trucks. Simple. The image is edited and touched-up with color correction to make sure it will look perfect on a t-shirt. Then, using high-quality printers, the imaged is placed onto professional heat transfer paper. This is one of the big differences between Heat Transfer and Iron-On. Iron-On uses lower grade Paper t... Read More

T-shirt Heat Transfer Paper Tutorial
Posted On 23/03/2020 01:18:31 by gaobao

T-shirt transfer Paper (sometimes called Heat Transfer Paper) is a well-known product used by many different users. Elementary school students, sports associations, hens and bachelor party organizers have used transfer Paper at some point in history to create personalized T-shirts (and other outfits) for specific occasions or to make souvenirs for important events.

However, thermal transfer Paper can be used for a wider range of applications, and those who want to create special i... Read More

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