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Rigid pcb technology and production process
Posted On 31/12/2020 03:46:56 by MayNa

Whether it’s to supply Rigid Pcb prototypes or production that needs large-scale Pcb manufacturing and Pcb assembly, this technology is effective and reliable. The flexible Pcb part is especially outstanding in overcoming the space and weight problems caused by the degree of freedom of space.

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Notes for main pcb
Posted On 31/12/2020 03:45:57 by MayNa

Always follow ESD precautions when handling master PCBs.Although the main Pcb can resist electrostatic discharge, there is still the possibility of damage to electronic components.Do not operate the main control panel without turning off the power of the machine.Although the input voltage to the Pcb is only about 36V DC, processing the Pcb while the PC... Read More

PCB Types And Usages – Know About Main PCB
Posted On 31/12/2020 03:45:08 by MayNa

In today’s electronic age, the emphasis is more on compactness. Manufacturers of electronic items want to present products that pack in a lot of functions but at the same time do not appear bulky or difficult to carry around. Gone are the days of electronic items being too large to handle.

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What is Flex PCB
Posted On 31/12/2020 03:43:58 by MayNa

Flex Pcb or FPCB may be a patterned arrangement of printed circuits and components using flexible based materials with or without a versatile overlay. These flexible electronic components are often manufactured using an equivalent components as rigid computer circuit boards, but the board is allowed to evolve to the specified shape (flexibility) in its... Read More

Aluminum PCB
Posted On 31/12/2020 03:41:54 by MayNa

Aluminum PCBs contains dielectric metal substrates and bonded copper circuit layers that produce excellent heat transfer, helping to chill components while eliminating problems associated with the management of fragile ceramics.

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