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Three Types Of Pvc Ball Valve
Posted On 03/07/2020 09:01:25 by plasticfitting

There are three primary types of Pvc ball valve that are described by the ball's movement:

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve - This type of ball valve includes an extra mechanical anchoring system at its top and bottom that makes it more suitable for use where there are higher pressures involved. That's because the included trunnion mounted stem absorbs extra thrust or pressure from the pipeline and prevents any excess friction that would otherwise impact operations and reduce workin... Read More

Don't Ignore Yellowing Nail Holes Problem For Pvc Celuka Board
Posted On 03/07/2020 06:38:25 by cccjianguan

To avoid the problem of peeling paint, many homeowners choose to leave their Pvc celuka board in its natural white state. When the trim is nailed or screwed into place, the nail holes are usually covered over with some type of vinyl spackle. This gives the boards a smooth appearance.

Unfortunately, that vinyl spackle is likely to turn yellow over time. And because the Pvc trim itself remains white, the yellow stands out very clearly, detracting from the appearance of the trim.

... Read More

Select the Right PP Clamp for Your Application
Posted On 30/06/2020 03:04:23 by plasticfitting

Sandfield Engineering has a range of 700 different PP clamp available in every variation of style, material, action, dimensions, holding force, finish and power options to meet your specific requirements on short delivery times.

The benefit of this huge range being available for short delivery is that it is highly likely that the PP Clamp that solves your holding problem is most likely already available to you. The challenge of holding this huge range is how we make them access... Read More

Try To Know Types Of Pvc Ball Valve
Posted On 23/06/2020 03:23:00 by plasticfitting

There are five general body styles of Pvc ball valve: single body, three-piece body, split body, top entry, and welded. The difference is based on how the pieces of the valve—especially the casing that contains the ball itself—are manufactured and assembled. The valve operation is the same in each case. In addition, there are different styles related to the bore of the ball mechanism itself.

Full port

Ball Valve

A full port or more commonly known full bore ball valv... Read More

You Can Unclog Pvc Ball Valves
Posted On 19/06/2020 08:38:28 by plasticfitting

The most obvious problem that occurs in ball valves is blockage. This is noticeable because it causes pressure drop further in the system. Blockage can be buildup of organic material, calcium buildup, or anything else that gets stuck inside valves. Cleaning out a Pvc ball valve's clogs is easy as long as you can get close enough.

If you can disconnect your Pvc ball valve from the pipeline, take it to a sink and run water through at as high pressure as possible. If this does not c... Read More

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