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One Use of The 4x8 Pvc Foam Board
Posted On 11/09/2020 05:30:54 by cccjianguan

The 4x8 Pvc foam board (also known as soft glass, Pvc crystal board, Pvc soft glass) is a Pvc transparent film composite material, first produced by plastic manufacturers such as Japan, Taiwan, etc., mostly used in semiconductor equipment, computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits, etc. The production workshop of the microelectronics industry is used to set off the desktop and the assembly line work surface. Pvc transparent thick sheet has the advantages of h... Read More

What are Key Factor that Evaluates the Quality of 4x8 PVC Foam Board?
Posted On 04/09/2020 03:00:12 by cccjianguan

The 4x8 Pvc foam board (Se Luka board), also known as Andy Chevron board or board, it takes the polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, with a certain amount of blowing agent and other additives, and process the low-foam products through professional extrusion lines. The Pvc cabinet board density is generally in the range of 0.5-0.95 g/cm3, with the thickness of 3-30mm and width of 1.2m. Depending on the production process, it can be divided into Pvc crust cabinet board and P... Read More

Know Several Basic Questions Of 4x8 Pvc Foam Board
Posted On 21/08/2020 03:47:09 by cccjianguan

1. What are the applications of foam board?
Construction; Advertisement (printing, computer lettering, carving etc.); Signage; POP; Cupboard (kitchen); Furniture board; Marine; Water park; Seashore wet-proof facility; Various interlayer; Decoration board, upholstery, mould plate for train, car and many more.

2. What are the advantages of foam board?
Foam board is a planar material constructed of one sheet of CFC-free polystyrene adhered between two sheets of acid-free paper.... Read More

Know Advantages of 4x8 PVC Foam Board over Plywood
Posted On 14/08/2020 03:48:11 by cccjianguan

What if you are told that the traditional building materials such as wood, concrete, and clay can be replaced? Well, the answer is yes. The 4x8 Pvc foam board has been replacing them. As though these building materials are extensively used and preferred in the industries for various applications; however, we will be more into the advantages of 4x8 Pvc foam board over Plywood. And, since we are in an era that relies on a constant revolution, it has become a trend to just stay updated an... Read More

Pvc Ball Valve Is Such A Thing
Posted On 07/08/2020 08:31:04 by plasticfitting

It's a question new customers often ask us at Valtorc, so let's look into this to answer the question and explain what a Pvc ball valve is.

A ball valve is described as a mechanical device that directs, guides and modulates the flow of various types of liquids by way of an opening of a ball which has an opening in the middle. The opening is referred to as the port. By turning the handle on the ball valve, this manually opens/closes the port which controls the pressure from the... Read More

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