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Problems with China Refrigerator Suppliers
Posted On 24/11/2021 02:52:08 by bailing

Why doesn't your Refrigerator in China Refrigerator Suppliers refrigerate
Figuring out what went wrong is very important to correctly diagnose and deal with the problem. This is why we have provided a complete list that includes many of the most likely reasons why the Refrigerator does not cool down.

1) The thermostat setting is off
Do you want to know why your Refrigerator is not cooling? This may seem obvious, but sometimes the thermostat dial is set too low and the refrig... Read More

China Refrigerator Suppliers' Cleaning Method
Posted On 10/11/2021 03:18:30 by bailing

How to clean the Refrigerator coil of China Refrigerator Suppliers
To clean the coil, you need a condenser coil cleaning brush, equipment sliding device (optional) and a vacuum cleaner. We strongly recommend that you use the equipment slide rail when moving the Refrigerator to prevent the linoleum or hardwood floor from tearing and scratching.

shopping list:
Condenser coil cleaning brush
Electric taxi

Most Refrigerator condenser coils are located on the bac... Read More

What are the performance problems of bad refrigerators?
Posted On 18/10/2021 07:28:18 by bailing

Everyone knows this when you buy it, so why should you buy a good refrigerator? Few people have thought about this issue before.

In the actual situation, there are also some customers who choose a bad Refrigerator because the price of a good Refrigerator is relatively high. So what is the best refrigerated cabinet? Is it better to have a bad refrigerator? Let us analyze from several aspects below, and we can know why we should buy a good refrigerator.

To understand the chara... Read More

China Refrigerator Manufacturer Teach You To Judge The State Of...
Posted On 20/08/2020 02:57:26 by bailing

China Refrigerator Manufacturer will teach you to judge the state of refrigerators, carefully observe the working conditions of various parts of refrigerators, and focus on the refrigeration system, electrical system and air system to judge whether they work normally.

Refrigeration system: observe whether there are cracks, damages, frosting and condensation in each pipeline of the refrigeration system; Whether there is collision and friction between refrigeration pipelines, pipeli... Read More

China Refrigerator Manufacturer Carefully Analyze Possible Problems
Posted On 09/07/2020 06:37:32 by bailing

If the Refrigerator has the following conditions, we must analyze them carefully: if necessary, you should contact the China Refrigerator Manufacturer.

1. First of all, the cooling effect of the Refrigerator is not good

First check whether the display shows the temperature. If it is not displayed, the machine is not turned on. Make sure that the power socket and plug are not loose. If there is no slack, please check whether the machine fuse is blown. If it is not two failure... Read More

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