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Reading through a lot of these comments
Posted On 31/05/2020 01:39:06 by MMOexpshop

I believe that tick rates are a problem once you get your OSRS gold mind around how ticks work. You can surely use them to your benefit. They have made several prototypes of Runescape with no tick system, and kept coming back saying that it didn't'feel' like Runescape whatsoever. It could be quite the struggle to not alienate your playerbase, but also to remove ticks. It's not an issue of knowing ticks work. It is just like taking a swim at a river that is shit, that in a action pub combat ga... Read More

Among Twitch's best RuneScape streamers
Posted On 21/05/2020 03:44:06 by MMOexpshop

Among Twitch's best Runescape streamers, B0aty, disclosed OSRS gold to his chat that he'd turned down a sponsorship offer that was $20,000 for ethical reasons. Content creators greatly rely on sponsorship deals so as to create a living, but not all them are worth saying yes to.

B0aty revealed an intriguing bit of advice over the introduction half-hour of a typical Runescape flow. He explained how they were the kind to take any type of host those damaging to his audience when asked abou... Read More

There is also the fact that chronotoes
Posted On 18/05/2020 03:28:47 by MMOexpshop

I went to go find him and watch that the 99 emote. I don't think he even promised the cape he just said"xp waste" and jumped away. Apparently without eliminating his override he did assert the cape and do the emote once but I missed it. That OSRS gold account was being shared if you looked at their daily XP profits in each of these abilities, only being possible if you played with 24/7 which, while not indicative of, is unsustainable for just how long they kept up those XP gains.

If fo... Read More

PvP isn't enticing to perform
Posted On 14/05/2020 03:58:54 by MMOexpshop

I also want to get in to PKing but've had exactly the same experience, I even made a pure RS gold to F2P PK to have an easier time learning before proceeding onto associates PKing. F2P is so boring though it's difficult to take it seriously. What I'm thinking about doing to alleviate the strain of feeling like I'm just losing gp is merely purchasing a bond or two to get some gp and believe a reduction right off the bat. Place that ~5-10m about the accounts and just try my best. It isn't the e... Read More

Told us about RS2 along with the type
Posted On 25/04/2020 08:43:53 by MMOexpshop

How frequently are you currently repairing things in OSRS that were fixed years ago? I'm curious, do you ever find yourself scouring to see how an old bug was fixed in RS2? We have occasionally done that. Take Barbarian Assault - about the launching of Runescape gold in 2013, we knew that the minigame was exposed to players stealing its runes, because that had occurred in 2008+. We told players it would be opened after a few months once we'd fixed that, and secured the minigame. The dev doing... Read More

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