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Runescape update content
Posted On 14/01/2021 09:31:28 by rsdean

To celebrate our transition from the era of killing cows and baking cakes to the era of harvesting souls and archaeology today, Runescape launched various celebrations in January. Already in mid-January, have you received the exclusive anniversary cloak and costume, enjoy 10% XP gain. Let's go to the crater to see what activities are there!

Three mini-tasks from January 4th to 10th are the prelude to the celebration. For extra superfine flour tasks, remember to use extra skulls as coll... Read More

Some suggestions regarding: Completionist Cape
Posted On 11/01/2021 07:23:36 by rsdean

For the Completionist Cape that only players can obtain, it is the most desired game achievement among many Runescape 3 players. Hope the following tips can help you accomplish your goals.

First of all, start the port early, collect enough materials, and upgrade the ship's level to recruit more crews. It is an indispensable part. On your way to explore Waiko isles, every time you explore are consuming materials, so ensuring sufficient materials is an investment you must make. Unlocking... Read More

Skills that can be quickly level 99 in Old School RuneScape
Posted On 31/12/2020 07:24:35 by rsdean

Generally, we need to constantly brush up on tasks and spend a lot of time on certain simple skills to reach level 99.

Cooking is one of the skills that can quickly reach level 99. It costs up to 30 million gold coins and you can reach level 99 in the fastest 40 hours. In the beginning, you can choose to make simple fish upgrade. When you reach level 38, you can spend 20 hours making a can of wine to reach level 99. If you want to reduce the amount of gold you need to pay, high-end fis... Read More

RuneScape 3 VS Old School RuneScape – What is RuneMetrics?
Posted On 30/12/2020 02:29:31 by Tonyfirst

Now there's the newest version of Old School RuneScape, which still interests a lot of folks to experience the old massive MMO title in modern style. Runescape 3 was launched in 2014 with revised orchestra soundtracks, new customization options, a friendly user-interface, and new camera controls. Old School Runescape may be the previous version released in 2007, fully packed with original content, social network, challenging gameplay, and much more. The question is whatever one is worthwhile... Read More

Runescape archeology skills attention points
Posted On 25/12/2020 07:45:28 by rsdean

Archeology is one of the biggest updates of Runescape this year. You can excavate, explore, and restore ancient artifacts like Ezreal and Ornn in League of Legends. This is a surprisingly exciting game idea. I think many people want to meet those items that are only in the story.

The highest level of archaeology is 120. Hope the following things can help you become the leader in this skill ranking easier and faster.

The first is that you need to know some things that can help yo... Read More

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