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American Cancer Society Position Statement on Electronic Cigarettes
Posted On 21/11/2020 03:58:14 by flystly

The American Cancer Society (ACS) first released a position statement on e-cigarettes in February 2018. At that time, the ACS emphasized that no young person should start using any tobacco product, including e-cigarettes. However, the use of e-cigarettes in young people has since skyrocketed to epidemic proportion with nearly 30% of high school students reporting using an e-cigarette in the past 30 days and 12% reporting using an e-cigarette daily. This updated position statement rep... Read More

Two local million dollar lottery ticket winners verified by state lottery
Posted On 17/10/2020 15:19:01 by flystly

Two locals have been vetted and verified by the California State Lottery after winning a total of $3 million off of lottery tickets earlier this year.Get more news about 彩票包网,you can vist

Gregory Harness won $1 million from a $10 ticket he purchased in July from Samco Food Store, located 3300 White Lane, the State lottery said late last week. John Gonzalez won $2 million from a $20 Instant Prize Crossword Scratchers ticket he purchased from Jo... Read More

Are you the winner of $54k lottery ticket sold on Staten Island?
Posted On 17/10/2020 14:56:59 by flystly

If you played the September 20 TAKE-5 Lottery -- and purchased your ticket on Forest Avenue in Mariners Harbor -- you could be a winner.Get more news about 包网公司,you can vist Read More

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