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The difference between the batteries of the DC Freezer Wholesaler's freezer
Posted On 15/06/2022 02:54:34 by bailing

Batteries and Power Supplies for DC Freezer Wholesaler
Batteries are measured in amp hours. In theory, if you have a 100 amp hour battery, you can run a device that draws 10 amps for 10 hours. But that's theoretical, and in the real world, there's more.

The battery is designed to be optimized for two different uses. They either pull out very high current for a short period of time or low current for a long period of time.

Take car batteries, for example. Most car batterie... Read More

Pros of ceramic washbasins from ceramic washbasins Manufacture
Posted On 13/06/2022 09:33:54 by yuson

Advantages of ceramic wash basins Manufacturer ceramics
Before we talk about bathroom washbasins, we need to look at the advantages of this material in detail. First, ceramics are very wear-resistant, suffer little to no noticeable wear, and respond very well to any impact.

It deteriorates less frequently than almost all other materials.

It can be easily cleaned with chemicals without changing, so you shouldn't pay too much attention to the choice of cleaning agent.

... Read More

The Role of Dc Freezer Exporter
Posted On 01/12/2021 06:28:11 by bailing

Solar energy semiconductor refrigeration by DC Freezer Exporter. Solar semi-conductor refrigeration is a special refrigeration method that uses electric energy generated by solar cells to supply semi-conductor refrigeration devices to realize heat transfer. The theoretical basis of semiconductor refrigeration is the thermoelectric effect of solids, that is, when direct current passes through a circuit composed of two different conductive materials, heat absorption or heat release occurs... Read More

Uses of Flanged Bearings
Posted On 29/11/2021 02:13:00 by Moosheng

As a Flanged Ball Bearings supplier, Ningbo Mosheng Bearing Co., Ltd. will introduce you to flange bearings and their applications.

Flange bearings, from printers, fax machines to monitors, and household g... Read More

Problems with China Refrigerator Suppliers
Posted On 24/11/2021 02:52:08 by bailing

Why doesn't your refrigerator in China Refrigerator Suppliers refrigerate
Figuring out what went wrong is very important to correctly diagnose and deal with the problem. This is why we have provided a complete list that includes many of the most likely reasons why the refrigerator does not cool down.

1) The thermostat setting is off
Do you want to know why your refrigerator is not cooling? This may seem obvious, but sometimes the thermostat dial is set too low and the refrig... Read More

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