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Curtain Rod Manufacturers Suggested You To Pay Attention To These Mistakes
Posted On 21/07/2020 08:02:54 by fenghaotommy

Hiring a non-professional

Curtain rod Manufacturers advised that a majority of people think that cleaning curtains is an easy task and shouldn’t necessarily involve a professional. For that wrong reason, they either clean by themselves or hire unqualified personnel as a money-saving strategy. This leads to poor cleaning, which tampers with the fabric’s quality, and that is exactly what you should avoid. So, hiring a certified professional that regulatory bodies recognize is... Read More

Curtain Rod Manufacturer Advises These Assessories
Posted On 14/07/2020 08:24:10 by fenghaotommy

Extendable curtain rods

As the name say, Curtain rod Manufacturers say that it can be extended and can be made bigger according to the size of the window. It goes... Read More

Top Open Door Freezer Are Sold In An Open Style
Posted On 02/07/2020 04:33:51 by bailing

To introduce the features of the Top Open Door Freezer:

1. The open sales mode is fashionable, convenient and has good display effect, and is especially suitable for on-site processing, fresh keeping and sales of fresh meat food.

2. Imported compressor is selected, with microporous air outlet, air conditioning is evenly distributed, temperature in standard air-cooled fresh meat cabinet is stable, and food is not air-dried. Standard air-cooled fresh meat cabinet is made of st... Read More

Types of Curtain Lining Recommended By China Curtain Rod Manufacturer
Posted On 16/06/2020 07:19:57 by fenghaotommy

China Curtain rod Manufacturers said that “Lining” is the fabric which is sewn to the reverse of the curtain panel, this material can be plain or patterned and is only seen from the outside of the window. The type of lining you choose could make your chosen curtain look and perform differently. Below is some more information about different types of curtains and how different linings have affected their performance.

Sheer Curtains
Sheer curtains are unlined curtains that all... Read More

The curtain rod is top ten in quality, So We Want To Suggest Voile Curtains
Posted On 20/01/2020 03:29:41 by fenghaotommy

If you’re looking to create a contemporary space that feels light and airy while retaining your privacy, voile curtains are ideal. Better still, there are a variety of ways you can layer to achieve the desired effect in your home.

Voile curtains give the feeling of a bright and spacious interior. Plus, they are easy to incorporate in any room of the home. Embrace a Scandi-chic look by layering your voile curtains behind a pair of in-keeping, neutral cotton curtains to block out... Read More

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