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Do You Know Types Of Heat Trabsfer Paper?
Posted On 03/08/2020 07:13:42 by gaobao

There are specific types of heat Transfer paper depending on what printer you have. There is specific Transfer paper for laser printers, and also certain Transfer paper for inkjet printers. Additionally, there are specific Transfer Papers meant for light garments, and specific Transfer Papers meant for dark garments.

At Heat Transfer Warehouse, we offer 4 different kinds! We break down how to use them below:

For Inkjet Printers
1) Neenah Inkjet Light Jet-Pro SoftStretc... Read More

Use a Heat Transfer Machine With Great Results In This Way
Posted On 27/07/2020 07:40:56 by gaobao

The heat Transfer machine is a machine that is using heat and pressure in order to Transfer an image/artwork onto an imprintable object such as T-shirt, plates, cap, mouse pads, coffee mugs, handbag, puzzles, and more using Transfer products. (With some exceptions and fabrics working better than others).

Once done transferring the image to the end product, it’s become an excellent customised gift that can be use and distributed during special occasion or as a way to get extra i... Read More

Do You Know Heat Transfer Process Using Heat Transfer Paper?
Posted On 20/07/2020 07:44:32 by gaobao

Heat Transfer using heat Transfer paper is a simple process. First, an image needs to be chosen. Say you want a photo of a lion skateboarding over a pile of burning monster trucks. Simple. The image is edited and touched-up with color correction to make sure it will look perfect on a t-shirt. Then, using high-quality printers, the imaged is placed onto professional heat Transfer paper. This is one of the big differences between Heat Transfer and Iron-On. Iron-On uses lower grade paper t... Read More

Do You Know Heat Transfer Label?
Posted On 13/07/2020 07:47:00 by gaobao

A heat Transfer label is a specific type of decoration, which is transferred from a carrier (transfer paper or foil) onto an object by the use of heat, pressure and/or adhesive. The carrier holds a release layer specific to the print process and the type of product to be decorated.

Heat Transfer labels are typically used to decorate all... Read More

The Method Of Making Heat Transfer Label
Posted On 06/07/2020 07:54:12 by gaobao

1. Sublimation method
This is the most commonly used method, using the sublimation characteristics of disperse dyes, using disperse dyes with molecular weight of 250 ~ 400, particle diameter of 0.2 ~ 2 μ m, water-soluble carrier (such as sodium alginate) or alcohol soluble carrier (such as ethyl cellulose) and oil-soluble resin to make ink, which is processed on a Transfer printing machine at 200 ~ 230 ° C for 20 ~ 30 seconds to Transfer the disperse dyes to polyester and other syn... Read More

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