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Two local million dollar lottery ticket winners verified by state lottery
Posted On 17/10/2020 15:19:01 by flystly

Two locals have been vetted and verified by the California State Lottery after winning a total of $3 million off of lottery tickets earlier this year.Get more news about 彩票包网,you can vist

Gregory Harness won $1 million from a $10 ticket he purchased in July from Samco Food Store, located 3300 White Lane, the state lottery said late last week. John Gonzalez won $2 million from a $20 Instant Prize Crossword Scratchers ticket he purchased from Jo... Read More

Tremainsville store sells two million-dollar Ohio Lottery tickets
Posted On 10/10/2020 03:16:53 by flystly

Two people who purchased Ohio Lottery tickets at an S & G store in Toledo are quite a bit richer today.The store, located at 2710 Tremainsville Rd., sold Two million-dollar winning tickets in the Saturday drawing.Get more news about 菲律宾牛博包网,you can vist

One of the tickets purchased added Power Play for a $1 wager, boosting the prize to $2 million. The other ticket also matched all five numbers but didn’t opt for the Power Play opti... Read More

Three Types Of End Cap Machine Maintenance Workers
Posted On 27/08/2020 05:00:54 by Goldgold111

In most industrial settings, there are a few different types of personnel who are involved in the end cap machine maintenance process.

Machinery mechanics
Among the duties of a machinery mechanic is keeping industrial machinery fully operational by performing necessary maintenance. They maintain and repair various forms of equipment, including conveyor systems, packaging equipment, production machinery, and so forth. Machinery mechanics typically aren’t involved in advanced d... Read More

Do You Know End Cap Machine Learning?
Posted On 20/08/2020 06:47:33 by Goldgold111

The basic concept of end cap machine learning in data science involves using statistical learning and optimization methods that let computers analyze datasets and identify patterns (view a visual of machine learning via R2D3 External link ). Machine learning techniques leverage data mining to identify historic trends to inform future models.

The typical supervised machine learning algorithm consists of (roughly) three components:

A decision process: A recipe of calculations... Read More

Learn How To Clean End Cap Machine
Posted On 13/08/2020 06:45:51 by Goldgold111

1. Take the Machine Apart

First, unplug your end cap machine. Take out the bobbin casing, lower the race cover and remove the hook. Take off the presser foot and throat plate.

2. Grab a Brush

Brush out any lint that's built up in the bobbin casing and throat plate.

Pro Tip
Most machines come with a small plastic brush, though any anti-static brush or pipe cleaner will work. (You can usually find them at office supply stores.) Skip canned air though: it can inva... Read More

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