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Reasons for failure of automobile drive shaft
Posted On 18/08/2020 04:59:25 by xsjbearing

The Universal joint for truck drive shaft of a car is a mechanical part assembled from aluminum, steel and carbon fiber. By transferring power from the engine to the wheels, the overall burden on the vehicle can be reduced and fuel consumption can be reduced. As people's desire for comfortable driving is getting higher and higher, the development trend of four-wheeled vehicles has put forward a huge demand for the automotive Universal joint drive shaft market.

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Method of disassembling universal joint
Posted On 11/08/2020 04:28:45 by xsjbearing

1. Remove the 5-7126X 6H2577 Universal joint half shaft locking nut.

2. Support the car on the lift and lift the car to an appropriate height.

3. Loosen the six fixing bolts of the inner ball cage.

4. Remove the control arm ball head from the steering knuckle.

5. Remove the half shaft from one side of the outer ball cage. When removing, avoid damaging the dust cover of the half shaft.

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The role of universal joint in automobile transmission
Posted On 31/07/2020 04:49:24 by xsjbearing

The custom Universal joints are key component on the automobile drive shaft. On the front-engine rear-wheel drive vehicle, the Universal joint drive shaft is installed between the Universal joint output shaft and the input shaft of the drive axle final reducer; while the front-engine front-wheel drive vehicle omits the drive shaft, and the Universal joint is installed Between the front axle half shaft and the wheels that are responsible for both driving and steering.

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What can be brought about by using maintenance-free bearings
Posted On 28/07/2020 03:31:58 by xsjbearing

Maintenance-Free bearings, as the name implies, refer to bearings that do not require frequent maintenance, and can be used for long-term stable operation from maintenance to failure. Maintenance-free bearings are mainly divided into open type and sealed type. Open-type maintenance-free bearings need to be matched with a maintenance-free design seal structure to achieve maintenance-free technical requirements and sealed maintenance-free bearings can be used directly.

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How to choose universal joints
Posted On 24/07/2020 03:19:25 by xsjbearing

Universal shaft, also known as Maintenance-Free Universal Joint coupling, is a mechanical part used to connect two shafts in different mechanisms, i.e., the driving shaft and the driven shaft, and make them rotate together to transmit torque. As an important part of China's general machinery industry, cardan shaft products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, construction machinery, automobile, paper making, textile, nonferrous metals, shipbuilding and other industri... Read More

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