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The First Universal Joint Used By The Universal Joint Manufacturer
Posted On 22/02/2021 08:19:42 by xsjbearing

Due to the rapid development of automobiles in recent years, manufacturing enterprises such as automobile Universal joint manufacturer have become enduring and have a growing trend. These achievements are obvious to all, so do you know what the first Universal joint is?

The cross shaft Universal joint is the first Universal joint used in production practice, and it is also the most widely used. The main components of the cross-shaft Universal joint are composed... Read More

Instantaneous Angular Velocity Of The Universal Joint For Truck
Posted On 01/02/2021 07:46:30 by xsjbearing

We all know that the Universal joint for truck is used in the drive system. Let's take a look.

In front-drive vehicles, each half shaft uses two constant velocity Universal joints. The Universal joint near the transaxle is the inner Universal joint of the half shaft, and the outer Universal joint of the half shaft is near the axle. In a rear-drive car, the engine, clutch, and transmission are installed on the frame as a whole, and the drive axle is connected to... Read More

Structure Of Universal Joint For Truck
Posted On 18/01/2021 07:21:37 by xsjbearing

In automobile transmission systems and other systems, in order to achieve power transmission between some rotating shafts whose axes intersect or whose relative positions change frequently, Universal transmissions must be adopted. The Universal transmission device is generally composed of a Universal joint and a drive shaft, and sometimes there is an intermediate support. The Universal joint for truck is one of many Universal joints.

The structure and function o... Read More

What Is A Precision Universal Joint
Posted On 04/01/2021 07:24:53 by xsjbearing

Although we don't often hear about Universal joints, we should have heard of Universal joints. Universal joints are Universal joints. The precision Universal joint is a subdivision of the Universal joint, that is, a kind of Universal joint.

The precision Universal joint is suitable for transmission occasions with two shafts β≤45º on the same plane of the connection space, and transmits the nominal torque of 11.2-1120N.m.The WSD type of the precision universa... Read More

Reasons for failure of automobile drive shaft
Posted On 18/08/2020 04:59:25 by xsjbearing

The Universal joint for truck drive shaft of a car is a mechanical part assembled from aluminum, steel and carbon fiber. By transferring power from the engine to the wheels, the overall burden on the vehicle can be reduced and fuel consumption can be reduced. As people's desire for comfortable driving is getting higher and higher, the development trend of four-wheeled vehicles has put forward a huge demand for the automotive Universal joint drive shaft market.

F... Read More

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