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Precautions For Drawing Copper Magnet Wire
Posted On 23/02/2021 01:26:38 by xiandenggaoke

The drawing of copper magnet wire requires proper treatment, such as pickling and equalization treatment, before drawing the Wire blank to the surface.

In order to eliminate the gray Wire clip, thorns, pits and other defects on the surface of the blank, high-quality finished welding Wire and billet response line are selected. The peeling machine should pass before stretching, so that the blank line after the section is filled with circles, and ha... Read More

Commonly Used Products Of Enameled Wire
Posted On 02/02/2021 07:58:07 by xiuweetime

1. enameled wire; thermal grade is 105 and 120, with good mechanical strength, adhesion, resistance to transformer oil and refrigerant, but the product has poor moisture resistance, low thermal softening breakdown temperature, and durable benzene-alcohol mixture Defects such as weak solvent performance, currently only a small amount is used in the windings of oil-immersed transformers and oil-filled motors.

... Read More

Enameled Aluminum Wire Is One Of The Most Popular Wires
Posted On 26/01/2021 01:42:28 by xiandenggaoke

Even though aluminum conductors must have an area 50% larger than copper to carry the same current, the weight of aluminum construction wires is only half that of copper. Aluminum conductors used for construction wires can be compacted in such a way that the total diameter of enameled aluminum wire is approximately the same as copper.

Enameled aluminum Wire is one of the most popular metals. Compared with other materials (such... Read More

How To Indicate The Level Of Winding Wire
Posted On 12/01/2021 07:44:19 by xiuweetime

 winding Wire level refers to the use of pinyin letters (or Latin) English letters and one or more data to indicate the number of products such as aluminum profiles and carbide tools that are different in shape and type.

Indication of enameled Wire level:
  1, mark No.:
   (1) series product number: enameled winding composition: Q paper packaging winding wire: Z
   (2) Conductor material: copper conductor: T (omit) aluminum conductor: L
   (3) Insulat... Read More

Round Enameled Aluminum Wire Is Easy To Solder
Posted On 05/01/2021 03:03:08 by xiandenggaoke

Round Enameled Aluminum Wire provides many advantages for electrical appliances. Enameled wire, also known as magnet wire, basically refers to coated aluminum or copper wire. This thin insulating layer makes it useful for building transformers, motors, inductors, hard disk drives, speakers, electromagnets, etc. Enameled aluminum Wire is mainly used in motors and transformers because the insulating layer is made of harder polymer materials instead of enameled wires. Beca... Read More

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