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Surface Oxidation Of Zinc Die Casting
Posted On 30/09/2020 04:15:03 by weilong

No matter in use or in production, Zinc die casting will have the problem of surface oxidation. To solve the problem, we should start with the causes of failure, such as surface oxidation of Zinc die casting is a common problem, and many small partners may not know how to solve it. The following China Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer will take you to understand the causes and solutions of this problem.

1. Find the reason

After long-term observation, it is found that there are ma... Read More

Pay Attention To Preserving The Environment Around Zinc Die Casting
Posted On 16/09/2020 04:37:50 by weilong

Zinc Die Casting are used in more and more places, so what should we pay attention to when producing Zinc die casting?

1. Control the composition of Zinc die casting from the beginning of purchasing alloy ingots, which are based on ultra-high purity zinc, plus ultra-high purity aluminum, magnesium and copper. The supplier has strict composition standards.

2. When remelting nozzle materials, the remelting temperature should be strictly controlled not to exceed 420℃ to avoid... Read More

Do You Know How To Choose The Thickness Of Zinc Die Casting
Posted On 09/09/2020 03:17:03 by weilong

In the design process of Zinc Die Casting, many customers are uncertain about the thick wall of Zinc die casting, and they don't know how thin the thick wall of Zinc die casting can be.

1. The commercial wall of Zinc die casting is not suitable for excessively thin walls, which are prone to defects such as under-casting and cold insulation.

2. Selection of thickness of Zinc die casting: under normal conditions, the wall thickness should not exceed 4.5mm, and the suitable wal... Read More

China Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer Have Developed Rapidly In Recent Years
Posted On 19/08/2020 04:17:24 by weilong

As we all know, Zinc die casting is widely used, especially in digital parts, electronic parts, furniture parts, architectural decoration, bathroom parts, lighting parts, toys, tie clips, belt buckles, various metal decorative buckles and other Zinc die casting, which are in great demand. In recent years, China's traditional enterprises have developed rapidly, and the demand for Zinc die casting has increased rapidly, which has greatly promoted the development of China Zinc Die Casting... Read More

How To Determine The Parting Surface Of Zinc Die Casting
Posted On 05/08/2020 03:54:03 by weilong

The contact surface between dynamic die casting and setting of Zinc Die Casting is usually called parting surface, which is determined by parting line of Zinc die casting. The joint surface perpendicular to the clamping force direction on the die is the basic parting surface. Generally, Zinc die casting has only one parting surface, and sometimes it can have more than two auxiliary parting surfaces because of complex castings.

According to the shape of parting surface, the parting... Read More

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