Parkdale Pumas on the ball with new football kit!
Posted On 28/05/2021 06:56:14 by flystly

The team is excited to be playing together once again, as they were unable to practice or compete in any matches for months throughout the lockdown periods.Get more news about cheap soccer jacket,you can vist!

They are currently playing in local, friendly matches as this year’s league was affected by the pandemic. Hopefully, the Warrington League will restart once more in September 2021, and the girls can show off their skills every week until May 2022. Lynne Lister, managing director of X-Press Legal Services commented: “We are always happy to support grassroots sports teams in the local area, and are delighted to have helped the girls with their new kit. We will be cheering them on throughout their new season!

”Julie Sorby, search administrator at X-Press Legal Services, whose daughter plays for the team commented: “A huge thank you to X-Press Legal Services for supporting the team. The girls are so excited to start playing again, especially as their first league was interrupted by the lockdown restrictions. Now they have their new kits, and they are ready to go!” X-Press Legal Services is a property search company with a network of franchise offices throughout England & Wales. They provide specialist reports to solicitors and conveyancing professionals, an essential part of the property transaction process. Their head office is in Warrington, where the team support the national network.


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