Do you want to get these ACNH Items?
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been around for a year and a half, and players already have their own islands. We can obtain Animal Crossing Bells through some primitive activities, but the ultimate goal is still for the items we need. Are the following items what you want?

Harvey's fences

Harvey's fences include the most requested item locally. Currently, there won't be any fence customization options and players can just use some in-game fences. Thus, Harvey's fences are unique in New Horizons. Players genuinely wish to collect them make them for their island.

It's essentially the most iconic pieces of ACNH operate is essentially one of the most desired item that players can't get. Hopefully, natural meats see these fences becoming accessible soon. Players were so fascinated by these fences that many of them hacked and placed the fences for their island during the early days in the game. However, Nintendo later came forward and patched it as it was an illegal action taken by players.

Nook's Cranny watering

During spring, players can easily see the adorable little watering can interior and exterior of Nook's Cranny. Furthermore, and also this contains flowers inside making it more attractive than the others. It is really a tiny item only on display but helps with making the shop a lot more desirable. Many players desire to add it to their collection and it's also one of essentially the most demanded items in the neighborhood.

Sable's Wicker Basket

Sable features a beautiful Wicker Basket right beside her new sewing machine. Several players share the same opinion about this item and appreciate it. Nintendo introduced this item in the past and yet players can't get hold of it. It's very upsetting since this item should go perfectly with a lot of themed islands such as the tropical theme island, beach theme island, plus more.

Museum foliage

Museum stores numerous unique plants, trees, as well as other items. Indeed, players can't get these as decorative items and Nintendo won't plan museum things to become decorative items. The major reason being it'll turn the thought of storing products in museums the wrong way up.

However, developers can introduce them as new kinds of plants that users can plant everywhere on their island. There are tons of flowers, plants, and trees, everything around the museum, specifically in the bug exhibit. In fact, introducing some Lily pads may help players to embellish their water areas with a lot more creativity. It could be best if Nintendo gives considered introducing some museum things to the game.

Nook Stop

The Nook Stop is usually a terminal that is multipurpose in New Horizons. It allows the gamer to redeem their Nook Miles for rewards plus they can even invite some villager through amiibo cards by it. Getting Animal Crossing NMT to explore other islands is also a favorite activity of players.

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