Introduce The Structure Of 3102-2201025 Russian Universal Joint Cross
Posted On 05/07/2021 09:06:19 by xsjbearing

3102-2201025 Russian universal joint cross is a kind of cross-shaft rigid universal joint, so what is its structure?

The cross-shaft rigid universal joint is a variable speed universal joint widely used in automobiles, and the maximum angle of intersection between two adjacent shafts is allowed to be 15゜~20. The cross shaft universal joint consists of a cross shaft, two universal joint forks, and four needle bearings. The holes on the two universal joint forks 1 and 3 are respectively sleeved on the two pairs of journals of the cross shaft 2. In this way, when the driving shaft rotates, the driven shaft can rotate with it, and it can also swing in any direction around the center of the cross shaft so that the need for simultaneous changes of the angle and distance can be met. A needle roller bearing is installed between the cross shaft journal and the universal joint fork hole, and the outer ring of the needle roller bearing is axially positioned by the snap ring. To lubricate the bearings, oil injection nozzles are generally installed on the cross shaft and there is an oil path leading to the journal. The lubricating oil can be injected from the grease nipple to the needle bearing of the cross shaft journal.

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