Introduce The Wall Thickness Of Aluminum Die Casting
Posted On 22/07/2021 04:37:22 by weilong

In our daily life, or work and study, we can all see aluminum die casting, which shows that the scope of aluminum die casting is very wide. So what are the key points of Aluminum Die Casting wall thickness design?

Wall thickness should be fully considered when designing the aluminum die-casting structure. Wall thickness is a factor of special significance in the die casting process. Wall thickness has a close relationship with the entire process specification, such as the calculation of filling time, the selection of gate speed, Calculation of solidification time, analysis of mold temperature gradient, the effect of pressure (final specific pressure), the length of mold retention time, the level of casting ejection temperature and operating efficiency; if the design wall thickness is too thick, shrinkage holes, sand holes, pores, etc. will appear. External surface defects such as coarse internal crystal grains reduce the mechanical properties and increase the quality of parts, leading to increased costs; too thin design wall thickness will cause poor aluminum liquid filling, difficult molding, poor aluminum alloy dissolution, and difficulty in filling the surface of castings. Lack of material and other defects, and bring difficulties to the die casting process; with the increase of pores, the internal pores, shrinkage, and other defects of die castings increase. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring that the castings have sufficient strength and rigidity, the wall thickness of the castings should be reduced as much as possible And keep the thickness of the section uniform.

China die casting factory attaches great importance to the structural design of die castings, including the standard requirements for the draft angle.

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