The Cut Pile Fabric You Want To Know
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Pile fabrics are fabrics with three-dimensional textures, with very obvious fiber piles on the surface. The types of pile fabrics include short pile fabrics such as velvet, velveteen, and corduroy, and long pile fabrics such as artificial fur.

cut pile fabric

The pile is produced by double weaving or by winding additional filler threads in the basic weaving and keeping it as it is or by cutting loops. It can be knitted or woven, and the pile can be spread all over or in patterns and different depths.

The production of pile makes the resulting fabric softer, warmer and better looking. Because of its warmth retention and texture, as well as its rich and luxurious appearance, the plush surface of the pile fabric is highly valued in the production of clothing, accessories and household goods.

Pile fabric
Fleece fabric and fleece fabric
Raised fabric is also called raised fabric. But there is a difference between pile fabric and pile fabric.

Raised fabric is a fabric that has undergone a special finishing process. They are ordinary fabrics, there is no special weaving process or filling thread to make pile, but the surface is brushed/treated to make it upright. Examples of pile fabrics are flannel and wool. Check out the post about wool fabric and the post about nap for more information

Fleece fabric

The purpose of nap is many-mainly to give it a softer, warmer feeling. One disadvantage of fuzzing is that it may weaken the fabric.

The pile or siesta will have a clear direction. As the fluff/fluff runs up, the fabric will look darker, and as the fluff runs down, it will be brighter and brighter.

Pile fabric

Different types of flannel
There are two types of pile fabrics: filled pile fabrics, in which the piles are formed by weft yarns, and warp pile fabrics, in which the piles are formed by warp yarns (velvet, terry cloth). Piles can be cut pile or uncut pile. In uncut pile, the pile is formed by loops on the surface of the cloth (terry cloth). In cut pile, the loops are cut in the loom during the weaving process or after the fabric is made (velvet)

Therefore, many people will use such fabrics for Decoration fabric , which will be made into various decorative places.

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