The Application Of Cut Pile Fabric In Practice
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Question: I recently bought some black velvet, which can be used to make jackets. Can you tell me if I have purchased fleece fabric or fleece fabric? Everyone told me something different, and I began to believe that "nap" and "heap" mean the same thing. _ Mrs. J.C., Youngstown, Ohio

Answer: You bought a fluff fabric. No, fluff and fluff are not the same thing. Pile fabrics consist of three sets of yarns instead of the usual two sets (longitudinal and transverse). This additional collection can be run vertically or horizontally, and once constructed, it can be cut or not.

An example of cut pile fabric is your velvet. An example of uncut pile is terry cloth. The finished product is very different, what do you think?

This may be one of the causes of confusion. Both velvet and terry cloth have an extra longitudinal yarn.

Two examples of pile fabrics with a third transverse yarn are corduroy and velveteen. They also have cut pile.

When it runs upwards, the color of the heap is darker and darker. This is because light reflection gives it more bright spots.

However, stacking up has a disadvantage: you sacrifice durability. The fiber will be subjected to greater friction, so it will not wear.

Before deciding which way to run the pile, consider the end use. If durability is a factor _ such as a child’s corduroy pants or corduroy cover _ throw a bunch of things down. If richer colors are important to you, perhaps in your velvet jacket, then stack them up.

If the terry cloth has higher loops and loose twist, the water absorption is stronger, but this structure makes it less durable. The lower loop and very tight twist make the towel more durable and durable. However, any of us who have experienced the poor absorption and itchy sensation of some hotel towels know the disadvantages of low loops and tight twists.

Finally, an example shows what your velvet is not _ pile fabric. The pile fabric is made of traditional two sets of yarns. Their surface is created by brushing the fabric's fibers upwards. Flannel is an example of a fabric with a pile surface.

In addition, Yifan, as a curtain fabric manufacturer, can tell you that cut pile can also be used as the fabric of your curtains. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult.

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