World of Warcraft: Fan Creates Azeroth-Style World Maps Out of Real Locations
Posted On 18/10/2021 07:13:47 by flystly

World of Warcraft: Fan Creates Azeroth-Style World Maps Out of Real Locations

After fifteen years and eight expansion packs, it is safe to say World of Warcraft has an iconic and recognizable style, especially in its many world and region maps. Redditor ConservationOfWumbo has taken that recognizable style and has been using it to recreate the United States of America as if it were another region in Azeroth.To get more news about wow gold pay pal, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

ConservationOfWumbo first showed off his state maps in the World of Warcraft style back in July of this year. Since then, they have been cranking out map after map. In just a few months, they've already completed almost a third of the United States, including some of the largest states.
The first batch of maps included Pennsylvania, the Carolinas, Virginia, and Maryland, and their second update included maps of New York, New Jersey, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington. Most recently, they revealed the completed maps for Idaho and California, the latter of which was large enough that it could be split in to, akin to the Barrens of Kalimdor in World of Warcraft.

At first glance, the maps themselves could easily be mistaken for a region in the game, with highways and interstates converted into roads and major capitals and cities transformed into towns and villages. Major landmarks also appear, such as Death Valley, the Mojave Desert, and even the wildfires that so frequently plague the West Coast.
ConservationOfWumbo is not taking requests for this project, and is focusing on whichever maps strike their fancy at the time, as it is primarily a fan project. But they do plan on eventually converting the entire United States into a World of Warcraft-like region map. As long as they continue to enjoy making these, ConservationOfWumbo has expressed interest in doing a map of the United Kingdoms after finishing up the United States.

The beautiful style ConservationOfWumbo has replicated from the game also inspired another artist, Winston-91, to create a map of The Netherlands in the World of Warcraft style. ConservationOfWumbo, who saw and complimented Winston-91's work, seems to have started another trend of artistic renditions inspired by World of Warcraft. Perhaps if this trend spreads further, the World of Warcraft community join their artwork together and make a map of all of Earth in the style of Azeroth.The full gallery of ConservationOfWumbo's work can be viewed on their Etsy page, EthanolMaps, where admirers of their work can also purchase posters, postcards and canvases of their favorite World of Warcraft-ized states, and show their support for the beautiful work they've done on these maps.

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