China Refrigerator Suppliers' Cleaning Method
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How to clean the refrigerator coil of China Refrigerator Suppliers
To clean the coil, you need a condenser coil cleaning brush, equipment sliding device (optional) and a vacuum cleaner. We strongly recommend that you use the equipment slide rail when moving the refrigerator to prevent the linoleum or hardwood floor from tearing and scratching.

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Most refrigerator condenser coils are located on the back or bottom of the refrigerator (accessed from the front toe/grill panel). Use the user manual to determine the exact location of the coil.

How to clean the coil installed at the bottom:
1. Carefully move the refrigerator forward and unplug it. Move it enough to unplug the refrigerator. If your refrigerator is built-in, please turn it off at the house breaker.
2. To access the coil, release the grille located at the bottom of the front of the refrigerator.
3. Using the condenser coil cleaning brush, carefully scrub the coil to remove dust and dirt (do not crimp or pierce the coil!).
4. Vacuum or clean up excess dirt. Use the long and narrow attachment of the vacuum cleaner for best results.
5. After the coil is sufficiently cleaned, reinstall the grille.
6. Insert the refrigerator (or turn on the circuit breaker).
7. Slide the refrigerator back to its original position.

How to clean the post-installation coil:
1. Use the device to slide and pull the refrigerator forward. You need to pull it forward enough to fully touch the back of the refrigerator.
2. Unplug the refrigerator from the power source.
3. The rear coil can be seen on the entire back of the refrigerator, usually black or gray. Brush the coil carefully to remove dust and dirt (do not crimp or pierce the coil!).
5. After the coil is sufficiently cleaned, insert it into the refrigerator and slide it back to its original position.

This simple, ten-minute housework twice a year can save you hundreds of dollars in refrigerator repair costs. Check out this blog to learn more about preventive refrigerator maintenance.
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