Problems with China Refrigerator Suppliers
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Why doesn't your refrigerator in China Refrigerator Suppliers refrigerate
Figuring out what went wrong is very important to correctly diagnose and deal with the problem. This is why we have provided a complete list that includes many of the most likely reasons why the refrigerator does not cool down.

1) The thermostat setting is off
Do you want to know why your refrigerator is not cooling? This may seem obvious, but sometimes the thermostat dial is set too low and the refrigerator temperature rises. This can happen if you have children or an inconsiderate tenant messing up the thermostat.

People often find the thermostat numbers confusing and therefore go in the wrong direction when making adjustments. Remember that numbers indicate power levels, so higher numbers will make your refrigerator colder.

2) Blocked vents
The air temperature in the refrigerator is maintained through a series of internal and external vents. In order to maintain a consistent temperature, it is important that these vents remain open. People often block the vents when they store food inside or store other items around the refrigerator (i.e. food bags) without knowing it.

These vents may be partially blocked by debris such as dust or spilled food. Any blocked vent will affect the internal temperature, so it is important to keep the vent as clear as possible.

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