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Posted On 16/02/2022 09:24:14 by Benwoo

    Trucks are indispensable in domestic transportation. There are many heavy-duty trucks in China that are European trucks, and some manufacturers provide Euro Truck Parts for consumers to use. At the same time, there are also many American trucks here. Today, I will talk about the difference between European and American trucks. In Europe, the usual standard for trucks with semi-trailers is a maximum length of 18.75 meters. In order to maximize the length of the container, the tractor must be as short as possible, the best way to shorten the tractor is to install the cockpit on the engine.

    The entire body of Meika can now be longer, only the length of the container is limited, and the length of the front of the car is not limited, so the front of the car is designed to be more conducive to the rest of the driver.

    Another reason is speed, trucks in Europe are limited to 90 km/h, but in some parts of the US, trucks can go up to 129 km/h. American and European roads are also very different, American city streets are wide, interstates are very straight and wide, but European roads are much narrower and more winding country roads, trucks have to deal with narrow streets and Narrow parking space.

   In addition, the advantages of Ouka are short and compact, flexible operation, small turning radius, high cockpit, and wide field of vision, which makes the driver's perception of danger and judgment of road conditions calmer.

Oka Disadvantages: The hydraulic cylinder must be used to push the cockpit forward at a 90-degree angle during maintenance, so the items in the cockpit must be taken out, otherwise it will roll over, so it is not suitable for toilets and showers.

Advantages of Meika: The speed can be faster, the driving is stable, it is not easy to roll over, and the maintenance is convenient. It can be repaired by directly opening the hood and the hood like a car, so the layout of the driving rest area can be more perfect.

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