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Posted On 24/03/2022 07:49:12 by Changshuwanlong1

  Lead-acid batteries produced by storage battery manufacturers go through three life stages: format, peak, and dip. During the formatting phase, the plates are in a spongy state surrounded by a liquid electrolyte. Exercise boards absorb electrolytes like a hardened sponge that squeezes and releases. The capacity gradually increases with the activation of the electrode. Formatting is most important for deep cycle batteries. They require 20-50 full cycles to reach peak capacity, and field use can do this. During the break-in period, the manufacturer recommends using the battery with ease. Starting the battery is less important and does not need to be started. Full boot power is available from the start, although the CCA will go up slightly with the format used earlier.

    Deep cycle batteries provide 100-200 cycles before the gradual descent begins. When capacity drops to 70% or 80%, it should be replaced. Some applications allow lower capacity thresholds, but retirement time should not fall below 50%, as aging may accelerate once the prime time is exceeded.

    A full saturation charge lasting 14 to 16 hours is necessary to keep the lead-acid in good condition. If the charge cycle doesn't allow this, give the battery a full saturation charge every few weeks. If possible, operate at moderate temperatures and avoid deep discharges, charge as much as possible.

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