Automation: more comfort with ease.
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Automation: more comfort with ease.

A Smart Home is based on the networking of various electrical and electronic equipment in the house, controlled by a centralized system.To get more news about electronic safe lock, you can visit official website.
This system can be controlled using a wall touch panel, a remote control, a smart phone or even a tablet. It is thus possible to control and above all, to automate events such as:
Turn the sprinklers on at 8pm
Maintain a constant temperature in the house and to monitor it remotely
Open the shades and certain lights at 7am and start playing relaxing music to help wake you up
Reproduce your routines when you're away on vacation. Such as turning on lights, turn on the television and even change channels.

Home automation can be installed in new homes as well as in existing homes with the help of wireless technology and best of all; it's now more affordable than ever.
Smart home security systems manufacturers are increasingly integrating technologies with visual recognition based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) in security devices.AI is developing to a new stage where the security confirmation and authentication will be processed from face and visual recognition.

Home security systems such as consumer video cameras are integrated with AI technology with a new security validation framework to enhance safety and security through facial recognition, fingerprints and voice recognition.AI is proposed to be applied in smart alarms to create databases of all incoming alerts, which then could be analyzed to predict false alarms.

For instance, in 2019, SimCam Lab, a home security and automation system provider, presented the SimCam home security and home automation camera that utilizes AI ""SimCam Alloy"" for recognizing faces and monitoring pets, objects and others.

California’s Senate Bill 327, states the security regulations to be followed for all devices that connect to the internet including smart home security systems.The bill requires the manufacturer of such a device to be equipped with appropriate security features, designed to prevent unauthorized access, modification, or information disclosure.

The bill states that the information collected by the device should be appropriate and protected from unauthorized use.Also, if the device needs to be used outside the local area network, the user should generate a new password other than the one allotted to it by default, in order to prevent attack by hackers.

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