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A smart lock is a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled smart home device that allows users to lock or unlock doors with the tap of a finger or a simple voice command by leaving their house keys behind. The Smart Lock also allows remote access, so you can open the door to allow guests in while you work.To get more news about bluetooth fingerprint door lock, you can visit official website.

Smart locks are a relatively new and developing technology. Some rely on fingerprint scanning while others use digital assistants and mobile app assistance. Evaluate the features and functions of smart locks and choose the one that best suits your needs.

What can smart locks do?
Smart locks have created a new home security experience with customizable features and features that give you control over what happens in your home. They go far beyond the possibilities of conventional locks.

Many come with two different types of Bluetooth. And A Wi-Fi connection that increases the availability of remote features. If your smart lock only has Bluetooth connectivity, connectivity issues will arise if the front door is too far from the smart home hub.

Here are some key smart lock features to watch out for:

Provides remote control via app
Most smart home locks have iOS and Android apps that allow you to remotely control the lock from your mobile device, monitor entry and exit, and notify you of all activities.

Connect to Wi-Fi for real-time monitoring
wifi connection You can view access logs in real time, so you always know who entered and when. This is an important feature for parents who want to ensure that their children arrive home safely from school.

connect via bluetooth
The Bluetooth connection helps the smart lock recognize you by connecting to your smartphone and unlocking the door when you approach it.

Use multi-keyless input option
A few keyless input options may include proximity unlock using your smartphone, remote unlock using your smartphone, custom code numbers for anyone who needs to enter your home, voice commands, touch or fingerprint recognition.

Generate permanent or temporary access codes
Many smart locks can be used to generate permanent or temporary access codes for visitors, cleaning services, dog walkers, repair services and every single family member.

Set access restrictions
Set access restrictions for each access code. Restrictions may include days of the week and specific times that allow code owners to access their home only during authorized hours.

Allow auto-lock settings
The Auto-Lock option allows you to set Smart Lock to automatically lock the door if it has been left open for a specified amount of time.

Auto-lock trigger when outside set boundaries
Ambient Auto-Lock can automatically lock the door when it detects the location of your smartphone outside of certain perimeters of your home. (This is also called geofencing.)

Send notifications to your smartphone
If someone breaks into or attempts to tamper with your smart lock, you will be notified on your smartphone. You can even set the lock to automatically notify the police or home security when this happens.

Integration into networked smart home
Integrate with your connected smart home to wake other smart home devices when the door is unlocked. For example, set a smart light to turn on when a door is unlocked.

Sync smart lock with video doorbell
Sync your smart lock with a video doorbell and all indoor cameras for added security. View or log who is accessing (or attempting to access) your home.Features vary by make and model. The list includes features from several major smart lock manufacturers.

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