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Believe me, a good Instagram profile picture can increase brand awareness and make it become the new Darth Vader of social media! After all, even those who haven't watched Star Wars know who the big villain is.


So, if the brand you work for isn't as well-known as Coca-Cola, Nike or Apple, check out the tips in this post. Let's explain the importance of the profile picture for social media marketing strategies. Follow up!


Instagram profile picture Darth Vader image

The importance of Instagram profile picture

Every profile on Instagram has a specific photo. For ordinary users, the image used doesn't matter. However, for influencers and, especially, for brands, the adopted photo makes all the difference.


Why First, because it represents the brand and is, therefore, a form of content. See the following associations


  • profile picture with camera photographer;
  • image with musical instrument musician or band;
  • photo with white clothes or lab coat doctor or dentist;
  • photo doing exercise and other fitness elements personal trainer or gym.

See how it makes perfect sense. The reason is the so-called brand positioning, which is strengthened by branding. Branding on social media takes place at all points of contact between the public and the company. In this case, the images are included, including the Instagram profile picture.


For example, if someone asks you about social media management software, chances are, if you're in the industry, you'll remember mLab's (no sardines on our side, right). Now, if the question is about a washing powder, maybe Omo will come to your mind.


If these brands come to mind, it's because they've done a careful job of branding. And that's exactly where the Instagram profile picture comes in; it helps build a brand's identity.


So, here are five tips to help you use your Instagram profile picture the right way.

Five tips to optimize your Instagram profile picture

Getting to the level of being remembered takes a lot of work! Of course, the profile picture is just one of the steps in this; after all, in addition to taking care of the entire visual identity, it is necessary to have a good product or service, provide a great user experience, and, of course, pay attention to other elements of marketing.


But, our focus in this post is Instagram and how the profile picture contributes to the results of your strategy. So, here are five tips that will help you optimize your profile picture. Check it out below!


1. Change the photo whenever there is an update

As says to represent the brand, the Instagram profile picture needs to be constantly updated. If the brand logo changes and you continue to use the old image, your customers may become suspicious and even feel cheated by a fake account.


The purpose of the profile picture is to identify the brand. Therefore, the image must always represent the present. This is how the brand gains visibility and achieves its goal. A clear example of how this evolution happens is Shell. On the company's website, you can see the evolution of the logo since the 1900s.


By doing this update process, you reinforce the visual elements and strengthen your brand!


Instagram profile picture Shell logos image

image of an advertising banner with a call to access a free class on creating mLab's posts.

2. Focus on what's important to the brand

The Instagram profile picture must be in line with other brand visual elements. A positive example is Converse, which produces the All-Star.


With a very clean style, the brand presents the star of its most famous product in the world and the arrow that indicates the progress.


Realize that, as simple as it sounds, it makes perfect sense. Therefore, make a good alignment in all visual communication and ensure that the brand is in evidence.


This also increases your chances of receiving the verified Instagram account badge.


Instagram Profile Picture Converse Instagram profile picture.

image of an advertising banner with a call to test mLab's social media management.

3. Keep it simple

Brands need to avoid visual clutter, especially since this photo is mostly seen on mobile device screens. The ideal is to keep the style as simple as possible, leaving just enough to show something that refers to the brand.


A good example is Nubank. The brand explores purple, the official color, and the logo. Nothing more. Instagram profile picture Nubank profile picture on Instagram.

4. Keep the brand standard

The entire Instagram profile must maintain the brand standard. This is the most efficient way to build a visual identity and make your company recognized by customers.


At this point, it is possible to differentiate between companies that opt ​​for a beautiful design and those that are market leaders. Want an example, Nike is one of them.

Note that it is unnecessary to use more than the brand symbol. Everything is already clear, and everywhere you look, the reference is the same — including on Instagram.


Instagram Profile Picture Nike's Instagram profile picture.

image of an advertising banner with a call to download a free template guide for mLab's social networks

5. The face at 60% of the frame

If you are or work for a digital influencer, in place of the logo, you will probably need to use a profile picture, in which case, the face should be the main element of the image.


The face must make up 60% of the frame; this measure is ideal for the image to be visible, to the point of facilitating account identification and attracting users' attention. So, it is important to opt for close-up photos, preferably cropped at shoulder height, so that the face is in evidence.


See the 

@whinderssonnunes example. The comedian, singer, and YouTuber from Piauí has ​​the highest number of subscribers in the country on his YouTube channel. And on Instagram, it couldn't be different; he has more than 30 million followers on his profile, considered one of the leaders of influencers in Brazil.


Instagram profile picture Whinderson Nunes profile picture on Instagram

Optimizing your Instagram profile picture is simple and has numerous benefits for a marketing strategy. In fact, this is one of those fundamental elements, but it makes all the difference. But not only that! You can – and should – also use the Highlights covers to your advantage! See how to customize Instagram Stories Highlights 

and enjoy all the features of your profile!


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