Do not flow through the Agitation Equipment
Posted On 18/05/2018 07:22:30 by mixingtank

The activated carbon granules, which are larger than the tailings particles, cannot pass through the submerged screens in the CIL tanks and therefore do not flow through the Agitation Equipment. Pumps move the loaded carbon and some slurry countercurrent to the slurry flow. The carbon loaded with gold and silver is pumped from the #2 CIL tank to a rectangular vibrating screen. It separates the carbon from the slurry; the slurry returns to the CIL tanks while the loaded carbon goes into a measuring tank.

While a surplus tank from a past project paired with an old mixer from the maintenance department may be convenient and inexpensive there is another key result to consider: good mixing. Therefore, the following is offered as a foundation for sizing up common industrial mixing needs.

A large number of chemicals, biochemical or petrochemical industry operations are performed in stirred tanks or in mechanically agitated vessels. The optimum operating mode of these equipments requires a detailed knowledge of the hydrodynamic behavior induced by the agitator.

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